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Macro Photography - The Art Of Capturing Small Life!

Updated on December 5, 2016

Why Macro?

Why Macro photography you might ask?

Why not? Would be my response to you.

Macro photography opens up your eyes and mind to how big and complex the world actually is. It shows us things in vivid detail that we may never have noticed before or thought about.

Macro photography, especially of small insects and organisms is a gateway to a world of detail that has been forgotten in ordinary life.

Quick Tip

When photographing bees, try not to disturb them in their natural habitat. Bee's pollenate flowers for us and create delicious honey! If aggravated, they will sting. Use caution when photographing any insect that can sting, bite, or potentially be poisonous! If you are photographing a bee hive then please wear the proper protective gear. Remember to respect nature!

Capturing Action

What sets the art of capturing still life and a moving subject apart, is the fact that it is much harder to capture a clear, crisp image. The time frame for an excellent shot is a guessing game. Continual shooting is the best way to go about it, with your camera set on a burst mode or having fast enough reflexes to quickly snap the shot. It is trial and error. You cannot make a bee pose for you anymore than you can tell it to do a trick for your photo, as nice as that would be!

This image pictured here In my opinion is amazing. I love the way this photograph captured the bee landing on the berry with another one following suite. Its fascinating to me how this photo almost looks unreal due to the closeness and detail. The detail is so vivid that you can see the hairs coming off of the raspberry! Look at the way the bee's wings are moving so fast that you can hardly see them? Is that not amazing?

(Be sure when capturing images of any insect that can sting that you use caution)

Remember that small life is all around you. Take your camera with you wherever you go to be sure that you do not miss out on a great opportunity for a photo!

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Close up shots of insects in everyday life have really given me a newfound respect for nature even in its smallest forms. These small creatures may not look like us or communicate like us, but they are doing what we do daily, surviving.

The trick to a good photo is being aware of your surroundings to catch these insects in action! We walk by so many opportunities on a daily basis and wouldn't even know it if we weren't trained to keep an eye out for them! Always carry your camera and be sure to have your macro lenses handy or know where your setting is located on your menu options.

Many of my macro photos that I have taken have been purely by the chance that I had my camera on me. I have stumbled upon more shots that I have searched for simply by paying attention to what was going on around me and look for the beauty where it is not normally seen.

There are beautiful, majestic creatures everywhere and macro photography gives you real perspective on just how unique these insects can be! Just keep a watchful eye and you will see for yourself!

Sharing A Drink

The Right Equipment

Now to take good quality photos up close you will need the right equipment!

First off, Your Camera Lenses! I highly recommend the Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Lens for canon SLR cameras. (The Link Is Pasted Below) You want a lens that is going to be able to get up close and personal, capturing that detailed moment in a flash! Unfortunately in most cases, the more you sacrifice as far as the quality of the lens, the more you will lose on the quality of your photo!

If you do not already own a Canon Camera, then no problem! There are plenty of options for macro photography in digital photo taking. As a personal preference, I would recommend the Canon Mark 5. I use Fujifilm currently, but I do have to say out of all of the cameras I have used the Canon Mark 5 has been the absolute best. Clear shots, multiple shooting modes, many interchangeable lenses, and more. Check it out for yourself! It is also the most recommended by professionals that I have spoken to so far.

Don't forget your carry bag for your camera, extra batteries, and an extra memory card just in case!

Trying Out Your Hand At Capturing Insects!

There are many different ways to try your hand out at macro photography with insects!

There is the old fashion way. Slip on your shoes and head outside!

The insects are plentiful. The potential is endless. Depending on if you have a preference on which ones you want to shoot, you can find them almost anywhere!

You could of course do a light box indoors as well, that is, if you want to risk letting lose a few bugs to get some photos. (Just depends on how creative you can be, or brave.)

The possibilities are endless. The only way to find out if you could truly enjoy Macro Photography of insects or anything else for that matter is to get out there and try your hand at it!

I hope you enjoy this compilation of insect photography below in this video and that it gives you a few ideas so you can begin your journey to photographing small life as well!

Insect Photography

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