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Hexagon and Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Updated on October 5, 2015

Hexagon and Octagon Picnic Table Plans

Octagon Picnic Table Plans and Hexagon Picnic Table Plans

Have you had a desire to build your own octagon picnic table and place it outside in your backyard for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy? Have you dreamed of owning your very own Octagon picnic table, using it to host fantastic cookouts, birthday parties, or just night-time chats with your family? If so, then you are in need of a picnic table plan that is quick and simple to use. In this article, you will learn how you can assemble your very own picnic table – in just a weekend!

Why Build Your Own Octagon Picnic Table?

You may ask yourself, “Why should I build my own octagon picnic table?” Well, you can buy a pre-made octagon picnic table at your local home and garden store if you want, but let’s face it. Sometimes, you just want to make something with your own hands. We take more pride in objects we assemble ourselves than ones we just buy. Plus, building a picnic table from a plan can save you a lot of money – as much as half as what you would pay for a store-bought table! Good octagon picnic table can be very expensive, you can save fortune,
yet make even better one!

How Simple Is It to Build Your Own Octagon or Hexagon Picnic Table?

Building an octagon picnic table at first sounds like a difficult proposition – especially if you are not used to do-it-yourself projects. And most of the time, that would be true. But with these EZ octagon picnic table plans, you do not have to worry about a thing. These plans truly are simple and user-friendly, with clear explanations and fantastic diagrams that will not lead you astray. You also get a step-by-step process that guides you effortlessly through building your picnic table. If you are concerned about building a table and spending endless hours in the hot sun assembling a mess of parts, then rest assured that EZ picnic table plans will work for you.

What Picnic Tables Are Offered?

There are generally two types of picnic tables: straight-benched tables and geometric tables. The first type of table is the prototypical picnic table that you tend to find in parks. It has a flat, rectangular surface with two straight benches on either side. While this design is not bad, the second type is better.

Geometric picnic tables offered with these plans are octagonal picnic tables and hexagonal picnic tables. These plans let you choose from four stellar designs:

- A small hexagonal (six-sided) table with a 47-inch wide tabletop

- A large hexagonal table with a 57-inch wide tabletop

- A small octagonal (eight-sided) table with a 64-inch wide tabletop

- A large octagonal table with an 80-inch wide tabletop

What is the benefit of having these tables over straight-benched ones? For starters, you get more surface area on the table than you would normally. You also can seat people in comfort, with plenty of space between each person. They also do not have to strain to look around at everyone. Plus, these octagon and hexagon picnic tables look more attractive than your regular types and give you a unique look in your backyard. What more can you want?

Should I Buy Hexagon or Octagon picnic table Plan?

Of course! You will not find a better place for inexpensive and simple hexagon and octagon picnic table plans than with EZ Picnic Table Plans.With the 60 days money back guarantee and the Free Bonuses it is probably a great deal,so What are you waiting for?


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