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Holga and Lomo Photography

Updated on July 2, 2017

Holga Lomo Cameras and Film

  The Holga (you know, that quirky camera with the cult following) was created in Hong Kong back in 1982 - it's no newbie to the world of photography. I was made aware of the Holga's existence thru Flickr Groups and soon after bought one on eBay (along with a Ring Flash).

photo © by Judy Ferony

I hope to develop my own Black & White film soon but as of right now I leave that up to a professional photo lab. One of the most important things to remember is to "Take off your lens cap!", don't laugh, its' a very common mistake. The other is to get as close to your subject as possible. Oh yeah, don't forget to have some fun with it.

TDC Stereo Colorist 3D Camera - For Sale on eBay

Blue Sky Holga on the Hudson

© photo by Judy Ferony

  I love the bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan. This photo was taken by me in the beginning of July 2009. Fuji color 120 film.

How To Load Film Into The Holga

Lomokino ~ Moving Pictures - 35 MM Film + Lomokino = Movie

Lomokino Motion Picture Camera
Lomokino Motion Picture Camera

The 35mm Movie Camera From Lomography. Shoot a movie of 144 frames on any 35mm film. Now how cool is that? Also available, the LomoKinoScope viewer allows you to watch your developed LomoKino movies in the most analogue way possible – Just load your movie rolls into the film containers, put them in the LomoKinoScope, rotate the viewing crank and watch your LomoKino movie unfold before your very eyes! Read the LomoKinoScope guide below and order your LomoKino & LomoKinoScope Package for the complete analogue movie-making experience.

This would make a great gift for the creative person in your life; especially if they are into the Holga scene. I always said "Analog should never die"; what better way to help that movement than with moving pictures.

What do you think is better:

Cool Places in New York City To Buy Holga

Also Places to Buy 120 Film & Developing Info

  I bought one of my Holgas, a 120N for $26.25 (it came to $28.45 with tax), at K + M Photography at 385 Broadway also known as Digital Darkroom & Photography Inc.(they also had other Lomography cameras and accessories). It's a couple of blocks away from Pearl Paint.

  There is also a place called Adorama on 42 West 18th Street (also in Manhattan), that carries a lot of Holgas, Holga accessories, 120 film (and every type of film you can be at a want for) and all things photography.

Sunshine Color Labs is located on West 31st Street in Manhattan. I like their work, the prices are reasonable, and they do it all (even specialty printing related to Holga/Lomography); cross-processing, 35 MM Sprocket-Hole prints, B+W, and C-processing to name a few. Randy, Jesus or Robby will be glad to help you, just tell them Judy sent you. LOL

How To Unload A Holga

Shot With 120 Film, Black & White Kodak Tri-X - Corner of Holland Ave. & Morris Park Ave. in the Bronx

          © photo by Judy Ferony

This is one of my favorite shots I took during a snow storm this past winter. It has the classic "Holga Vignetted" look. I've been looking into participating in stock photography sites. You have to be able to provide very good quality, high resolution, scans or digital files of your work.

How To Focus A Holga - Meaning Of The Focus Icon(s) Settings

Your Holga has four focus settings - indicated by the graphic icons on the lens barrel. Twist the barrel and align the pointer (small horizontal line) with the appropriate distance icon. You can also set the distance in-between the icons for more precise focusing.


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