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Holiday Ideas to Entertain Your Kids

Updated on January 6, 2014
The computer generation
The computer generation

Are you able to keep up with the kids during the holidays

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The Technology Generation

The holidays are great but children get bored so quickly and then look to you for ideas on how to have fun. It can get very expensive with them at home for so long but finding them things to do to keep them occupied and out of mischief can be a real challenge.

The new generation of kids today are kept busy with playstation, cellphones, television and the internet. Gone are the days of playing outdoors and using their imagination. Boredom sets in so quickly and to prevent our children from moaning and nagging, parents of today pass them off to technology to keep them quiete.

It gets expensive and attention spans are not as good as they were when we were kids. Patience and imagination is not something that the new generation can do very well at all.

So what do you do with your kids when they have had enough of their technology, without spending money?

Let the teenagers have a "hang"
Let the teenagers have a "hang"
A chocolate fountain is a good idea for a teenage get together
A chocolate fountain is a good idea for a teenage get together

For the Teenagers

After they have spent most of their time indoors playing games or watching television, the next thing that they are wanting to do is to hang out with their friends and during the holiday season, many places are unsafe and too crowded for you to trust that they will be alright.

Letting them go to a shopping centre is okay but it gets expensive as it is not just a movie but a snack and a drink during the movie and then lunch after the movie.

Christmas costs us a fortune and the activities can get you into financial trouble if you give in to their needs all the time.

So how do you get your teenager to have fun without spending money and still be safe?

Let them have their friends over for a "hang" where they can each bring a plate of eats or a cool drink and they can watch a movie or have a swimming party. You get your teenager to understand that they are to clean up after their friends and they will end up having a great time socialising and having fun at home.

To avoid them getting in your way, allow them a space in the house or at the pool area where they are free to express themselves and have fun in a safe environment, without mom and dad interrupting.

Another idea is to get them a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates/blades or anything that will allow them to get outdoors!!

It is so important for them to get some fresh air and sunshine every now and again!

A great idea is to buy a chocolate fountain or fondue set and let your teens invite some friends over with a snack to use on the set. It is great fun and very social.....anything you do at home is fun if mom and dad are out of the way.

Fishing is a great way to bond with your son
Fishing is a great way to bond with your son

Go Fishing

For dads who have some time to spare, your son would love to go fishing with you. Pack a picnic lunch and get your rods ready to go and spend some time together, waiting to catch a fish. It is a great bonding experience and your kids would absolutely love it.

Show them how to put the bait on and let them know that it could take a while before they catch their first fish!

They will learn patience and enjoy the experience at the same time.

If you do happen to catch one, then gutting it will be something for them to go back and talk about as well as cooking it on the barbeque or getting mom to cook the catch of the day!

Paper bag puppets are fun and easy to make
Paper bag puppets are fun and easy to make
Let the kids make cookies
Let the kids make cookies
Sand castles are great fun for kids to build
Sand castles are great fun for kids to build

Prevent the Little Children from getting Bored

What a mission this is but it can be done!

Kids love to help and do things so finding them something to do without having to spend money is not that bad. It does take some of your patience and time!

You can find many crafty things to make if you search the internet and most of them can be done with households products, which means you don't have to go out and buy anything.

Whatever it is that you find for the little ones to do, will end up costing you your time and patience but they will love you for it.

Looking for crafty things for the children to make is easy on the internet. They can use household items and it will take them really long to complete one craft project. All you have to do is show them how to do it and then leave them to play and try on their own.

A great idea is to make puppets out of paper bags

A bird feeder is also a great idea and very easy to make with some imagination.

Cookies are also fun and after making the dough, you can let the children design their own biscuits with cookie cutters or their own little ideas by hand.

The best part of the cookie making is to eat the dough, so ensure that you give them a rich - free recipe.

A day out at the beach is also fun for the whole family and just make sure that they are out of the sun from 11 to 2pm as this is danger time. Sunscreen and hats should be worn at any time.

Get some buckets and spades, umbrella and off you go to the beach where you can watch them build sand castles and use their imagination with the buckets and spades.

For those that do not live on the beach, then home activities can also be fun.


There are so many museums in every city that most of us don't know about. Have a look online to see where your museums are and get the family to go there for an outing. The kids will enjoy being there for a little while so don't make it a full day of museum visits, as you will get complaints.

The zoo is also a great outing for the kids and everyone loves to see the animals, this will be a winner of an idea.

The zoo is fantastic for kids
The zoo is fantastic for kids
Take the kids to the zoo
Take the kids to the zoo
Maritime museum is interesting for the kids
Maritime museum is interesting for the kids
Family picnics are terrific
Family picnics are terrific
Mini golf is great for children
Mini golf is great for children
Pool games keep the kids occupied
Pool games keep the kids occupied

Outdoor Games

If you have a croquet set or mini golf set, then set it up outside and let the kids play and try their best. The fresh air will do them wonders and they will use up all that energy which will give everyone a peaceful nights sleep.

Pool games are also fun and teach them to play all the old school games that you know.

You could also buy a basketball net for the pool which will keep them occupied for a while.

Picnics are great fun as a family. Pack a nice bag of snacks and a ball, hoola - hoop, cricket bats and skates. Find a park and take a book with you to read while the kids enjoy the games out in the open.

Dominoes are fun to play with
Dominoes are fun to play with
Board games keep the kids busy
Board games keep the kids busy
Make the kids a home cinema
Make the kids a home cinema

Indoor Games

You can buy bread dough from your local bakery which can be divided by the children to create their own mini rolls for them to enjoy.

Also making pizza is fun and buying the dough can also be easy to find at your local grocer. Get toppings for them to make their own pizza, let them set the table with a checkered cloth that they can make out of paper and watch them eat and enjoy.

Snakes and ladders and board games can be complicated for little ones but many kids still find this fun. Let them make their own game similar to snakes and ladders with paper and little objects that are around the house. By the time that they have finished making the board, they will already be tired but will want to play the game that they have made. Fun, fun, fun!

Dominoes are also a great way for kids to have fun and this could keep them busy for a while too, if you have many dominoes. If you don't have any, then get the kids to find empty match boxes which they can start collecting from the beginning of the holidays. Building a big track with dominoes or the match boxes will be a challenge and it will give them a great laugh when they can let it run.

Movie marathon with popcorn and snacks can keep them occupied for hour, so find the golden oldies like Mickey mouse and some Disney movies, set up some pillows and matresses on the floor and let them relax and pretend that they are in the cinema.

Children will love making bubbles
Children will love making bubbles

Make Bubbles

Household dishwashing liquid can be used for this project. Find a jar or a small bottle and let them make the wand out of an old coat hanger.

They will have so much fun blowing the bubbles that they have made outdoors!

Let the kids feel freedom on a bike
Let the kids feel freedom on a bike
Hopscotch is a fun game for kids to play
Hopscotch is a fun game for kids to play

Bicycles are Fun

Get your kids to experience some freedom with a bicycle. They can ride it all day as this is so much fun and will use up all their energy which will get them to bed with a good nights sleep, after a day with the bike.

Make noise makers out of a piece of cardboard and let them put it onto the spoke of the wheel which will make a noise and create something different for them to have fun with.

Hopscotch Fun

The old games are always fun and kids don't play them because we never show them how to do it.

Get some chalk and draw the circles on the driveway. (This will wash off in the rain.)

Show them how to play and let them design their own games too.

They will be occupied with this for a while and it will be fun.

Paper Mache

This can be a little messy bit what fun for the kids!

It will take them all day to design things out of paper mache and the results will be fantastic.White flour and water with newspapers is all you need to make this and once it is dry, paint that is water based will be easy to clean up.


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