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Home Made Back Drops

Updated on July 15, 2015

Want to make your pictures a little different well i have some of the answer's.Today I wanted to write a post about how to take professional looking pictures indoors or outside.If you want something quick and easy just set up a chair in front of a neutral colored wall. But if you want something more elaborate you can make your own backdrops .They are not even hard to make!There are lots of options for backdrops. Seamless paper and fabric are probably the most common for DIY backdrops. You can purchase Seamless paper at your local camera shop or through Go with the 53” wide rolls – the smaller rolls will be too small and the bigger ones are pretty unwieldy and not needed unless you’ll be photographing a large group of people. These rolls are a great value and last a long time. When you are just starting out and have limited budget and supplies or simply make your hobby bigger,home made backdrops are inexpensive way to start in the right direction.Making your own backdrops can be a way to learn with lightning. Finding out what style's of fabric,colors and textures you enjoy photographing with.Making your own backdrop can look as good just as professional backdrop.Photography can be a fun way to express your creativity. Almost everybody has a digital camera, and even novice photographers are capable of taking professional quality photos. Adding backdrops to your studio is a great way to create variety and add a professional element to your images.

Lace Table Cloth

Lace table cloths can be a great material to us.Lace that hangs behind the subject can be created using different artistic ways with the lace.Lace has different patterns and textures and is great for Dying in different dark,bright or tye dye can make the back drop bright or gloomy or leave it plain white depending how sophisticated you want to be.

Fabric Ribbon Garland

Fabric ribbon garland is a fun backdrop.You can make it any color any pattern you want,you can do this in little time and very easy to do.This is has to be one of my favorite ways to make a backdrop.

Things you need:

.4 ft wooden dowel


.40 yards of ribbon/fabric strips(about 4 ft strips)


1.Cut your ribbon and fabric in to four foot strips.

2.Fold 2 inches of one end of the fabric/ribbon and tie it to the dowel.

You an add lace strips or sparkly ribbons to make it look more vintage or use fishing line and hang bubbles,beads,mirrors,holiday decorations or decorated letters and numbers. Fabric backdrops make great photo booth background also.

Wrapping paper:

Wrapping paper might be just paper for wrapping gifts not any more.This works really well for baby's and toddlers.Take at least 2 yards of wrapping paper of you choice and tape half to the wall and the other half to the floor(use tape that would not damage wall like green frog tape).Another option is get 2 hooks,wooden rod or drapery rods long enough to fit your roll of paper and fishing line.You put the hooks on the wall,thread the fishing line through the paper and tie to your rod then hang it on the hooks and let the paper roll out then grab your camera and take your pictures.

There is paper that look like a hard wood floor i know it sounds crazy but it works great which you could lay on the floor and lay baby on it and take pictures.Also paper that looks like a brick wall.

painted patterns

Get really creative and paint a scenic backdrop. Airbrush is a good technique to use. If you don't know how to operate an airbrush, use acrylics and trace your image onto the fabric using a projector. The choices are endless, and you can be as creative as your abilities allow: a wintry scene for Christmas portraits,flowery meadow for spring pictures water or ocean with waves for a summer.Then add props to match the theme and have fun taking your pictures.

Fabric from the fabric store is great backdrop you can do.All you need is push pins to use to pin the fabric to the ceiling.You can use black,white or pattern fabric but fabric stores maximum width of the fabric is about 60 inches wide so you might have to sew two pieces together to that wider pieces and 3 yards of each piece.Pattern fabric will be harder to match up but can be done.There is wider fabric online which you can special order and then pin to the ceiling.

You can get really creative by going to a diy store and using snap together floor just one box would be enough.Ceiling decorative tiles grab 2 by 8 inch wood panel and glue the tiles to the panel using liquid nail.You can mix and match tiles patterns and they come a few different can go to a party store and make a balloon background wall by pinning the balloons in rows making the pattern you want with streamers coming down from the ceiling for a birthday picture.Streamer backdrop which It's made from unfurled rolls of paper mart crepe paper.Get creative and have fun with it.


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    • theryanpride profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you for reading.You could have so much fun with about any thing and getting kids to make there own background would be fun and may be easier to get them to take there pictures!!

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 

      5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Very creative! Love the fabric and paper back-drop ideas. The use of old doors gives it a classic feel, while at the same time re-using items that could otherwise have ended in a landfill.

      Voted up and useful.


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