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Homemade Chalkboard Paint

Updated on June 29, 2012

Chalkboard paint is currently all the rage in the craft and decorating world. Painted on furniture, walls, flower pots, can transform anything into a canvas.

It can be very pricey. There is a simpke homemade recipe that costs a fraction of the price and can be used with any kind of paint you may already have in your garage.

Painting something with chalkboard paint makes it versitile. Change the designs for different events or holidays.

I even plan on painting my sons dresser drawers. This will allow him to express himself and have a unique art display in his room. Just teach your kids where it is okay to draw on and where its not.

How to Make Chalkboard Paint

  • 1 cup of paint
  • 2 tbs White Dry-Non Sanded Grout (about $4.50 for a 5lb box)

Mix the paint with grout. Stir until well blended.

Easy huh?


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    • CraftingTime profile image

      CraftingTime 5 years ago from Spring Hill, Florida

      Thank you and yes, love to save money. I actually painted a bucket I have, turned out great! Now I can customize it for anything I am doing. Thank you for the comment.

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for sharing this! It never hurts to save a few bucks whenever you can do it yourself and it's so popular right now... very useful!