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How To Lineart an Artwork

Updated on October 16, 2012
My finish artwork. I drew myself and my friend.
My finish artwork. I drew myself and my friend.


After so much thought, I decided to try fixing my sketches' lines using photoshop. I'm not a pro, in fact I'm a noob with this software. However I followed a tutorial I found online and it helped a lot. It's a start in learning how to improve digital art so this how to line art suits newbies like me.

You will need: computer/laptop, photoshop (I use CS5), and mouse.

Preparation: Open your artwork by going to File > Open > select the artwork you want

brush tool
brush tool


Step 1: Select Brush tool (see screenshot above)

Step 2: On the upper left part of your screen, resize your brush tool to 4px (but you can resize it according to how thick you want your lines to be) (see screenshot above)

Step 3: Click on the zoom tool to maximize your artwork for you to easily see the lines of your artwork.

Step 4: Go to the lower left side of your screen and click on layers. Click on Create New Layer to add a layer above your artwork.

Zoom Tool and New Layer
Zoom Tool and New Layer

Step 5: Click on the Set Foreground Color (the box with the color black shown on picture below.) Then select what color you want your lines to be. In this case, I use black. Click on Pen tool.

Step 6: Start clicking your artwork by putting your pen tool on the part you want to start your line, then on the end of your line. (see the red circles on the screenshot below).

Pen tool
Pen tool

Step 7: Add a point on on the middle. Note: You can add additional points between the line as this will be the parts that you can curve.

Step 8: Press [Ctrl] while dragging the point where you want to place it.

Step 9: Like step 7, as you can see on the picture I added additional points to do the curves.

Step 10: Right click and select Stroke path.

Step 11: The stroke path will appear, make sure that it is set to brush and the simulate pressure is ticked with check, then press OK.

Step 12: Right click again and then select delete path.

There you have it! There are other styles of how to do lineart which you can find on the internet. This one I showed is a simple way of doing it without the use of a tablet.


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    • fadetheglitter profile image

      fadetheglitter 6 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      This is a GREAT hub! I can't wait to try these tips. I wonder if they will work similarly in Gimp too :)