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Rustic Lighting - How To Craft A Whimsical Lampshade

Updated on November 19, 2013

Custom Lampshade

If you are tired of standard white lampshades and buying a different color isn't quite going to cut it, try making this whimsical shade. Not only will your lamp give off light, but with this shade it will add some life to your room. The best part is, it is not a difficult craft to do. All it takes is a grommet hole punch, some barked covered wire and a little peaberry garland or birch branches. You can find all of these items at your local arts and crafts supply store. With the easy step by step instructions, you can't go wrong. Once the project is complete, you have a custom lampshade that fits nicely into your décor. For more crafts like this, check out my blog at Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor.

How To Make A Decorative Lampshade

Step One: Punch holes along top and bottom of shade with grommet hole punch. These should be about and inch apart and a half inch from the edges of the lamp.

Step Two: Cut off a long piece of barked wire. Put one end through a punched hole. Make a loop and twist it in place.

Step Three: Grab a few strands of your peaberry according to the thickness that you want. Start winding the wire over the peaberry and through the next hole. Keep weaving the wire and adding more peaberry as you go.

*If you run out of wire before winding all the way around, simply twist it off where you are at and cut another length starting again.

Materials Needed:

Barked covered wire, grommet hole punch, peaberry strands
Barked covered wire, grommet hole punch, peaberry strands


I would recommend using parchment lampshades. A linen shade will not work as well because the holes will fray when punched. I like using a cream color for this craft but you could use a colored shade for more decorating options.

Barked covered wire can be found at hobby/craft stores. I love using this because it looks so natural and gives a nice finished look to whatever I am wrapping around the lampshade.  It ends up looking like part of the branch or stem itself.

Peaberry is such a fun and colorful craft item to use.  I like using peaberry strands, cut from garland, for this craft. They can be found in a multitude of colors. Another option I have tried is thin birch twigs. This works well in a more rustic setting.

Decorative Lampshades With Birch

floor lamp
floor lamp

Rustic Lighting

 As you can see, using the birch twigs instead of the garland gives more of a rustic feel.  This is a great look in a log cabin or lodge.  Although,we add rustic touchs throughout our traditional style house so there is really no limit on where to add this look.





floor lamp
floor lamp
floor lamp
floor lamp
table lamp
table lamp

How To Make A Lamp


  1. Drill holes, as far as you can go, down the top of the tree log and up from the bottom. Cut a slit in the middle, where you cannot drill. This is where you will run the cord. Wiring kits that include the lamp socket, lamp cord and plug are available from most hardware stores, or you can buy each part separately.
  2. Attach your lamp to a base so that it stands sturdy. A square piece of oak or other wood works well for a base.
  3. Mount the lamp socket base to your lamp using a small threaded pipe. This screws into your drilled hole and should be secured with glue. For a table lamp, you could get a long threaded pipe that runs completely through the lamp and attaches at both ends with a tightening bolt.
  4. Fish the wire through the lamp. A coat hanger, that has been cut and straightened, works well for this.
  5. Attach the plug to the wire, making sure the "ridged" wire goes to the wider prong on the plug. The easiest way is to use a plug that is made where you just stick the wire into a hole and close the lever.
  6. Attach a harp for your lampshade and then attach your shade.

**I have included a video, in this hub, on how to make a repurposed lamp.  It will give you a good visual on the process required.

Lighting Fixtures

Besides table lamps and floor lamps, there are other light fixtures you can make that are fun and simple.

A pool table light can be a fun project. Create a chandelier style light fixure and attach decorative chandelier lampshades.

Wall sconces are another option. If you don't want to directly wire them into your wall, simply hang them over an outlet and let the wire hang down. You can buy metal wire covers, to keep the wire straight and more decorative, at a hardware store.

I have included pictures at the bottom of this page of a wall sconce and a pool table light.  You can get an idea of how the chandelier would look in a rustic game room.

Lamp Part Diagram

lamp parts
lamp parts

Photos Of Sconces and Chandelier

wall sconces
wall sconces
chandelier lampshades
chandelier lampshades
pool table light
pool table light

How To Make A Repurposed Lamp - Video


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    • agusfanani profile image


      8 years ago from Indonesia

      A beautiful creation. Thank you for this useful hub.

    • Song-Bird profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Hanlon 

      11 years ago from Michigan

      Your welcome sheryld! I'm glad you like it.

    • sheryld30 profile image


      11 years ago from California

      Wow!~ This is a good idea. Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)


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