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How To Create A Scrapbook Layout

Updated on November 2, 2008

What Is A Scrapbook Layout?

A scrapbool layout is the way pictures and anything included on the scrapbook page is arranged to make a completed scrapbook page. Creating a scrapbook layout doesn't need to be difficult or time consuming.  

The Scrapbook Layout

I recommend having a variety of scrapbook papers so you can choose pictures first and then scrapbook layout backgrounds later. First choose your photos grouping them with either a scrapbook page theme or from an individual event. Don't worry about your album as a whole and where the completed scrapbook pages will go.Do consider whether you will be doing just 1 page themes, 2 page themes, or alternating between the two. Pull out scrapbook stickers and scrapbook paper that will compliment your page(s).

Grab all pictures from the chosen scrapbook page theme even if you're not sure you want to include them all. There is no rule to how many photos can be on a scrapbook layout. Some pscrapbookers put just one good photo on a scrapbook page and then create the scrapbook page around it with embellishments such as stickers.

Whatever you decide is up to you. Alternating the amount of pictures on scrapbook layouts in your scrapbook album will give it a better look. Lay all pictures out and decide what you want to include in your scrabook album from your group of photos and put the rest back in the photo box.

Cropping With a scrapbook paper cutter or ruler and scissors, begin cropping down pictures showing only what you want to include in you scrapook layout. Get rid of unnecessary things in the background of the picture by cutting down so that the attention is drawn to the object or people in your picture you want seen. You can use scrapbook tools and scrapbook stencils specifically for cropping if you are doing circle, oval, or other shapes that can't be done with a cutter or scissors. Leave 1 or 2 of your favorite photos that don't need to be cropped out and cut down the rest you plan to use.

Example: A photo of the kids next to a character from Disneyland can be cut so that strangers on the ends of the pictures are cropped out

Lay your photos you plan to use onto your scrapbook background paper. Check to see if you need to crop anything down more considering space for frames, stickers, borders, etc.

After you've cropped your photos and found place for them on your scrapbook layout begin cropping frames for them. This can be done a few different ways. Chose paper that is complimentary to your main background paper. Lights and dark of the same color, contrast or complimentary colors, printed papers that work well with the background and theme are some ideas. If I have enough paper I usually either mark with pencil the frame just a little bit bigger than the photo and then cut, or use adhesive and apply the photo directly to the paper and then cut. The second can be a bit tricky if you're measuring space doing it by eye. Remember you can always cut the frame down but once it's cut its not getting any bigger. Using two different papers for a double frame can give it a more stand-out look and draw more attention to the special photos on your scrapbook layout.

Most scrapbookers place their photos on top of the frame. Because of this if you don't have as much paper as frames you plan to make with it you can cut the frames so that as long as the picture covers it completely, the middle can be take out and used for something else.


Your Scrapbook Layout

Adding Scrapbook Embellishments

Scrapbook Embellishments are anything used to add to your scrapbook layouts. You can use the same scrapbook paper you used for frames for corners or borders. scrapbook Stickers really make pages stand out and you can easily find really good looking stickers in the stores.Scrapbook stickers with quotes or themes and alphabet stickers can make labeling your layout or individual pictures look nice. Consider buying Alphabet stickers in sets of two because they only come with so many of each letter. Select the scrapbook embellishments you want and you have room for.

Creating The Scrapbook Layout

Don't adhere anything yet to the page(s). Once again place your photos on your background paper and take sometime moving things around till you find the place you want. I usually start adding my scrapbook embellishments at this time so I know where they are going and don't risk not having space later. Then one by one remove, add adhesive, and place your photos back onto you paper. Some adhesives don't set right away so if you need to carefully remove and reapply. Don't count on being able to do this as some leave marks, but it can be done.

Fitting The Album

If you have a top loading scrapbook album and are doing 12x12 most scrapbook background papers already are made to fit perfectly. My album requires layouts to be stuck with adhesive onto the album pages. These scrapbook pages claim to be 12x12 but I usually have to cut down my scrapbook pages a little less than an inch to get it to fit right. If yours is like this cut your papers before adding anything to your scrapbook layouts so nothing has to be removed if fitting needs to be done.



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