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How To Make A Scrapbook Bag For Supplies

Updated on May 31, 2010

How To Make A Scrapbook Bag

The Scrapbook  Bag

If you are into scrapbooking, or are considering taking up the hobby of scrapbooking, A great scrapbook bag for supplies can make all the difference of always have your scrapbook supplies at your finger tips, or searching for hours trying to find a necessary scrapbook tool.

A good scrapbooking bag for the beginner can be as simple as a backpack with large compartments. The more dedicated scrapbooker needs at least a travel scrapbook bag with plenty of place to put scrapbook tools as well as enough room for the scrapbook album itself and the scrapbook paper.

Once You've found your best scrapbook bag, here's what to stock it with..

scrapbooking tote
scrapbooking tote

The Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook Paper

Only use Acid, and Lignin Free scrapbook paper. This helps prevent the paper from deteriorating over time. If you buy paper sold in scrapbooking stores you have nothing to worry about but check labels if buying anywhere else.

There are thousands of prints, textures, and colors of paper that can be used for scrapbooking. I prefer cardstock for my pages using scrapbook paper as borders and frames but buy what scrapbook paper is best for your budget. Scrapbook Paper works just as well for backgrounds and has more choices for prints. Most scrapbook paper runs from $.35 to $1.00 per 12x12 sheet.

Scrapbook Case

Bent edges of scrapbook pages are a bummer. Buy a quality scrapbook case. A scrapbook case can hold your papers and protect them from damage while waiting to be used. 


The Supplies

Scrapbook Paper Cutter

You don't need a huge industrial paper cutter. In fact they are really unnecessary. My scrabook paper cutter is about 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, less that a half inch thick and fits right in my scrapbooking bag. You could measure and cut using a ruler and scissors using a but using a scrapbook paper cutter will make your pictures, borders, and frames look much smother and straighter. Buy a scrapbook paper cutter with a ruler built in. You can get a good scrapbook papercutter for around $10. After time the blade dulls so buy a scrapbook papercutter with replacement blades or expect to replace the scrapbook papercutter after time. I still have yet to replace my scrapbook paper cutter and I've been using it for a few years.

Scrapbook Adhesive

I prefer Mono Adhesive permanent Tape Dispenser to adhere everything to my scrapbook pages. Even though it's permanent there are some things I've been able to remove with out ruining anything. Like other scrapbook adhesive dispensers, the adhesive glides on so you use exactly how much you want and don't waste any. You can also get double sided sticker like adhesives but I've found that these are time consuming to pull of their strip, apply and stick when your using a few for each picture, frame, or embellishment. Glue sticks work well for scrapbooking if it goes on thin without lumps and is acid and lignin free to protect your paper and pictures.

Scrapbook Scissors

Leave the kitchen scissors, or the ones meant for everything in the drawer. Buy a good quality pair of scrapbook scissors that are comfortable for lots of cutting and use only for scrapbooking hobby. This will keep the scrapbook scissors blades sharper and your cuts cleaner. You don't need to make a special purchase for these at the scrapbooking store. Any good pair used only for your scrapbook pages will do

Scrapbook Templates

Not necessary but fun. I only have a few sets of templates that I use for letters or to trace out tags. If you plan to do shapes not easily done with a cutter or scissors the go ahead and buy some of these but if you're on a budget you really don't need them.



More Scrapbook Supplies

Other Tools

Eyelet setters, die-cut makers, and punch-outs are just some of the many tools that can help add to your pictures. They aren't necessary for the scrapbook maker on a budget but can be nice additions to your scrapbooking supplies.  Punch outs (think hole-punches with objects like hearts and stars) can go for $3 each, Die cut makers can run into the hundreds.

Scrapbook Embellishments

Scrapbook Embellishments are anything added to your pages that make it stand out and more visibly appealing to the eye. Scrapbook embellishments can be flat, such a stickers but you can also buy eyelets, 3D objects, buttons, lace or ribbon, small envelopes, stamps and more. Scrapbook makers are coming out with new things all the time. You don't always have to buy embellishments. Many things found around the house can work just as well. To give my daughter pages something extra I cut out some of her cards given at her baby shower and birth.



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