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How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap

Updated on June 19, 2013
Colorbok Card Stock - Walmart
Colorbok Card Stock - Walmart
Glitter Puffy Paint - Walmart
Glitter Puffy Paint - Walmart
Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive - Walmart
Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive - Walmart
Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr. Suess
Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr. Suess

What You Need:

Happy graduation to me!!!

Here's a list of everything you need to make your 'Oh the Places You'll Go' graduation cap

  • Colorbok Scrapbook Paper ($5 at Walmart for a book of 30 or 50 sheets (mine says 50 but the one online says 30))
  • Foam sheets ($0.47 at Walmart - you could use already made foam letters but they didn't have them at my Walmart and this was cheaper.)
  • Glitter Puffy Paint (optional-$2.88 for a pack of 3)
  • Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive ($3.89)
  • Elmer's Liquid Glue or Double sided Tape
  • A small button ($0.78 from Walmart)
  • A compass
  • Scissors
  • White crayon or colored pencil

The colors of each of these items is completely based on preference! I decided to follow the colors used on the cover of 'Oh the Places You'll Go'. But really you could follow your school colors or just pick you favorites!


  1. Choose which color you want to be on the bottom and put one of the edges against the edge of your cap (so it meets corner to corner).
  2. Using the spray adhesive, glue down the whole sheet so that whatever lays over your cap will be stuck, and cut of the excess (You should have a square the same size as your cap).
  3. Carefully take your scissors and cut out a whole where the placeholder for your tassel is. (I poked small holes around the circle first with my scissors then cut it out).
  4. Using the compass make for different size circles, all on different color paper.
  5. Cut them out, then glue them on (I used both the spray and liquid glue) in the order of biggest goes on the bottom and smallest goes on the top. (Be sure to cut the holes for the tassel placeholder in each layer before you glue on the next one.)
  6. Now there are several ways you can do the letters. If you cut them out of the foam sheets like I did, I recommend practicing first on a regular sheet of paper and maybe tracing those letter if you like them and the way they layout on your cap. (I didn't do this at first and ended up going through five sheets of foam). Or you can simply buy precut letters and glue them on. (This way is probably easier and I would recommend it if you're not shopping on a budget or in a place with limited supplies.)
  7. After your letters are stuck and arranged on the cap the way you want it, let it dry overnight. Be sure you did not cover the placeholder for the tassel.
  8. The next day, using the liquid glue and spray adhesive put the button directly on the space that will hold your tassel. This is done because your tassel will not stay on with just the regular placeholder anymore.
  9. Let that dry overnight!

And you're done! Go on to graduation feeling crafty and unique!

The optional glitter Puffy Paint can be done after the letters are stuck on. That way everything dries before you glue the button on.

Avengers Cap
Avengers Cap
Up! Cap
Up! Cap
Harry Potter (Mischief Managed) Cap
Harry Potter (Mischief Managed) Cap

Other Ideas!

Don't like the 'Oh the Place You'll Go' cap?

Try some of these!


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