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How To Draw A Cartoon Angel

Updated on March 4, 2015

Start by drawing a triangle. Make sure to keep it light, as it will need to be erased later. Towards the top of the triangle draw a circle slightly off center your the angels head.

Draw a line for her arm staring under her head. It should start just left of the center of her head and curve around almost like a backwards “D” and have extend horizontally ending past the center of her head. Above the line you just drew add an oval and the top of her sleeve angling slightly downward.

At about ¾ of the way down your angel’s head and slightly to the right draw a small curved line for the mouthpiece of your angles horn. From either end of this line draw a line curving outwards. At the end of these lines add an oval.

Draw a curved line for your angel’s right shoulder it should start slightly higher than the left shoulder. Draw an oval for the opening in her sleeve and a curved line from the bottom of it meeting your light triangle.

Go over your light triangle making it bow slightly outward

Draw simple hands around the horn.

Add some hair by drawing a larger half circle around your angel’s head and add her bangs by drawing a curved line about ¼ of the way from the top of her head.

Her wings are just curved lines almost like a cloud.

Add some simple facial features.


How to draw a cartoon angel
How to draw a cartoon angel

How did your angel turn out? Were the instructions easy to follow?

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