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How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Puppy Stalking A Snail - Step By Step

Updated on March 1, 2013

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Okay, today let's draw a cute, cartoon puppy dog sneaking up on a snail. If you've read my other drawing articles, then you already know that I want you to draw this puppy at least 2 or 3 times. What do I always say?

The first one will always look terrible, right?

So don't give up if it doesn't look the way you want it to. Keep drawing all the steps until you're done. Don't throw anything away. Erase if you have to, but keep on working with it. Then draw it a second time. I promise you, your second drawing will look better than your first. And you're going to be doing pretty good by the time you get to drawing it the third time. I promise! Do it!

Okay, this drawing is going to be a little bit longer than some of the other ones, like the bat and the zombie. It's going to seem a little harder, but it will really help you in the long run to be a better artist.

We're going to work with basic shapes this time: circles, squares, rectangles, and semi-circles. You'll want to learn how to draw things you see in real life, too, and to do that and make it look right, you're going to have to learn to imagine the things you see in terms of these basic shapes.

Sound hard? Yeah, it is a little bit, but you'll get the hang of it.

Let's begin!

Step 1

First you'll draw a line for the ground and just put a simple circle resting on it. That's the puppy's head.

Step 2

Next you'll draw a square resting on the ground, partially overlapping the circle. That's the puppy's snout.

Step 3

Next comes another circle resting on the ground behind the puppy's head. Don't smash it up against the head, though, cuz you wanna leave some room for the dog collar. This circle is where the puppy's shoulders and rib cage will be.

Step 4

This last circle floating up in the air is...THE BUTT! Yeah, make it nice and round, cuz puppies have nice round bottoms, right? Just don't sniff it.

Step 5

Now for the 3 visible paws. Use a semi-circle for the back paw, resting on the ground right under...THE BUTT!

Step 6

The front, left paw (another semi-circle) will be up near the head, just in front of the shoulder/chest area (that circle).

Step 7

Last we draw in the front, right paw -- the one stretching out towards the snail.


Step 8

The nose is basically a square, and the eye is just a triangle shape -- kinda like a piece of pie. Then a diagonal line gives us the eyeball itself. At first I tried a vertical line for the eyeball (straight up and down), but then it looked like the puppy was looking straight ahead instead of down at the little snail, so that's why it's a slanted.

Step 9

The eyebrow and the ear are basically just rectangles, but I ended up tapering the ear a little so that it looks more natural.

Step 10

Draw in the body lines between the two circles, connecting the puppy's chest to...THE BUTT.

Next draw in the lines for that back leg.

Step 11

Let's connect the front, right paw (the one reaching out), then draw in the front, left leg too (the one in the circle). It's okay if that shoulder sticks out of the circle a little. Then a simple little rectangle will do for the collar.

Step 12

At this point we're finished sketching the basic drawing. We just need to start cleaning it up so we can ink it. These last few steps are gonna go really fast.

Erase the extra lines from the body and head, and then go get a nice, dark fine point pen.

Step 13

Oh wait, I forgot the right, back leg. It's mostly hidden behind the left back leg, but we can see a little of it in shadow.

Also, I like the paws to be a little more angular, rather than completely rounded. It's up to you if you want to try them this way or keep them as semi-circles.

Step 14

Take one last look to make sure that you have all the lines looking right, and then go over them in pen. Don't worry if you mess up a little bit. I messed up PLENTY when I was a kid -- and I still mess up a lot. Just remember...don't throw anything away. Keep working on it.

This is just the first time. You're going to mess up the first one. That's my rule, right? The first one never looks perfect. So keep working on it.

We're almost done =)

Step 15

Snail time!

Okay, the snail is pretty easy, so I just did it in pen. But you might want to keep using the pencil and then go over that in pen afterwards. That way if you make a mistake in pencil, you can still erase.

The shell is just a spiral floating a little bit above the ground. Start in the center and spiral your way out.

Step 16

Next draw in the tail and the head...aaaannndd...

Step 17

Now just draw in the eyeball (I made my snail worriedly looking back at the puppy) and the antennae -- and you're done!

For the finishing touch, just wait 1 or 2 minutes for the ink to fully dry, and then go back and erase all the little pencil marks that are still visible -- especially along the ground.

Okay, I know that one was the hardest one so far, but how did you do?

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