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How To Draw A Fun Cartoon Alien Drawing

Updated on September 25, 2011

Drawing A Cartoon Alien

Cartoon aliens are fun for kids to draw and they can look menacing or just quite friendly and this time I've gone with the friendly alien approach. When drawing an alien in a cartoon style it is certainly best to give it some bright colors that look friendly. So what follows is a three part video drawing tutorial on drawing a classic but fun cartoon alien. Lets begin!

As usual when we start off we have to get all the pencils and pens we need ready so that we aren't trying to hunt down pens midway through drawinig which does get annoying as it almost ruins your artistic creative flow, so the art equipment I used are as follows:-

  • A pencil (Doh! quite onvious really)
  • A black gel ink pen or similar ink pen like a Sharpie Marker
  • Crayola Supertips or any Felt Tip Pens - Just remember bright colors!
  • A Piece of paper (Doh! More obvious observations!)

Now on to the sketching of our alien in pencil, notice in the first video there isn't much sketching as with cartoon drawing you can keep it fairly simple with minimal detail and just draw the lines you need. I've given this alien three eyes and as mentioned in the video some kipper lips! and tentacle arms, the alien appears to look slug like and that's what I wanted to achieve, but do remember your Alien drawing can be way different and you can add as many eyes or arms, legs or anything else to it if you wanted to.

Cartoon Alien Drawing

A cartoon alien drawing to draw for fun by Wayne Tully.
A cartoon alien drawing to draw for fun by Wayne Tully.

Draw A Cartoon Alien

Use An Ink Pen To Ink Over The Pencil Lines

Inking over the pencil lines of your drawing try and add new lines here and there and spot where you can improve on the cartoon design. as you'll see in the second drawing video I made a few changes here and there, quite small details really like the aliens body shape and the tentacle arms.

I use black gel ink pens a lot lately, but whatever ink pen you have available will do, like a Black Sharpie marker or a fine line black ink pen. I've had no problems with a gel ink pen however as they seem to flow quite well on printing paper. If you are drawing on cartridge paper though you might want to try a Sharpie marker or something with a thicker tip that will glide over the papers inperfections.

Inking The Cartoon Alien Drawing Video

Coloring The Cartoon Alien Drawing With Crayola Supertips

When it comes to the coloring stage, you have to have thought in your head on the color scheme of what your alien will look like, as mentioned above I wanted the Alien to be colorful with bright colors that may signify that he is friendly(Although in the real world bright colors might mean he's poisionous...Do not lick him!)

I use Crayola Supertip pens to color in the Alien and more precisely a dark green to shade in the body and the head, then a lighter green is used as a mid tone on the head and body and then last of all a yellow is applied as the final highlight to the aliens skin. Orange spots, purple kipper lips and yellow eye stalks make a nice and easy cool cartoon alien.

If you've followed this alien drawing accurately, then you may want to try and draw something yourself based on the way you've learned to draw this alien. Try and draw a fat alien or a thin alien and give it monkey feet, whatever, just try and draw some creative cartoon aliens!

Coloring The Cartoon Alien Drawing

Draw A Cartoon Alien Drawing Video Tutorial

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