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How To Draw A Minotaurs Head

Updated on January 16, 2012

Drawing A Minotaurs Head

Drawing and coloring a Minotaurs head by Wayne Tully.
Drawing and coloring a Minotaurs head by Wayne Tully.

Draw A Minotaurs Head

When drawing a Minotaurs head it is best to think about the type of fantasy creature you are trying to draw. A half bull half human creature that looks quite fearsome but in this drawing it's more of a simplified version, a cartoon drawing of a Minotaur. You can start off drawing a Minotaur face anyway you like from a simple oval shape template or start from the top of the head and sketch lightly all the way down.

As revealed in the first video I used a Minotaur action figure as a reference for the face with a view to drawing the full Minotaur figure later on. And so with this first drawing video it shows you how to draw the face from actually copying the facial features of the toy figure which is always a great idea to draw your inspiration from.

Drawing A Minotaurs Head In Pencil

Ink The Minotaur Head

Taking a gel ink pen to ink the head pencil drawing of the Minotaur you can add or leave out any details you want on the drawing and thicken any lines of the face too. Thick lines add weight to the design, but that's not essential so long as you ink the basics of your pencil drawing. Ink the hairs on the face and add some small amount of shading to the hair as a whole, but don't worry about filling all of the hair with black ink as the coloring in stage will sort this out.

How To Ink The Minotaurs Head With Ink Pen

Coloring Minotaur Face With Prismacolors

I used Prismacolor Premier coloring pencils to color the Minotaurs head in starting with a dark brown for the darker skin areas around the hair and then a lighter brown which adds a midtone to the coloring which is then followed by a peach color for the skin tone around the nose and mouth and eye brows.

Yellows were added also as highlights and the red and pink for the tongue and mouth area and then some white pencil was used to try and blend the brown colors together on the hair. You could use the white on the whole of the Minotaurs face if you wanted to. I just didn't have time in the video.

How To Color A Minotaurs Head With Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Drawing A Minotaurs Head

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