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How To Draw A Troll - Video Drawing Tutorials

Updated on October 9, 2011

Drawing A Troll

Trolls are notoriously ugly and are quite dumb creatures preferring to live either in caves or under bridges and so with that inspirational sentence in mind we are going to draw a Troll from scratch Using my very good Kodak Zi8 video camera which can film in High Definition (Although that creates a large file size booo!) We are going to draw the Troll in pencil first, working out all of the details of the figure, like are we going to draw the whole Troll figure or shall I just draw the top half. Creative decisions must be made on any drawing as you are the artist and you can draw it however you see fit.

I used a soft 2B pencil in the first video as that's my preference, but you can use whatever grade of pencil that you want. The Troll design is a simple one, in that it's a typical none action pose like it's just standing with it's Hammer.

Watch the first video on drawing the Troll below and if you are interested you can see this other Troll Drawing Tutorial I created awhile ago.

Drawing A Troll Sketch Idea Video

Inking A Troll Drawing

The Troll drawing gets inked with a gel ink pen at this stage now. All the important elements have been sketched in pencil and I decided to not draw the legs and just leave the top half to stand on it's own as a Troll concept. The idea with inking is to make the art more solid with the line art. A good ink pen is essential for this process of inking.

Also at the inking stage you can change anything you need to, straighten any lines or small design issues and perfect the Troll drawing. Watch the second video to see how I inked the Fantasy Troll art.

Inking The Troll Drawing Video Tutorial

Drawing A Troll

Troll drawing tutorial, art copyright Wayne Tully 2011.
Troll drawing tutorial, art copyright Wayne Tully 2011.

Draw Trolls

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