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How To Draw Egyptian Mummies

Updated on September 20, 2011

Drawing Mummies

How to draw a mummy. Art by Wayne Tully 2011.
How to draw a mummy. Art by Wayne Tully 2011.

Drawing An Egyptian Mummy

When drawing an egyptian mummy I referenced those classic Stephen Sommers movies which were iconic and they brought the mummy back from the age old Universal Studios versions of The Mummy and updated it with state of the art (Well at the time!) special effects. Here we have a series of drawing videos which will show you how to draw a Mummy step by step from the initial pencil drawing through to the finished inked version.

The first pencil marks are always the most difficult to get right as it either works or it doesn't and thankfully I pulled it off in this inspirational sketch. When you draw your mummy(Not to be confused with your own Mom!) you may want to add more details such as arm bracelets and Egyptian necklaces and even tattoo markings to try and fit the time period of Mummy trinkets and things like that. Of course we keep the traditional ceremonial bandages and draw a few onto the Mummy figure.

Watch the first drawing video below and study it for awhile to see how to approach this yourself.

Draw A Egyptian Mummy With A Pencil Video

Ink The Whole Mummy Drawing With An Ink Pen

Here I use my ever trusty and handy gel ink pen for easy inking of the entire Egyptian Mummy and as mentioned within the drawing video you can try and alter the lines to try and create an authentic rotten figure structure by adding wavy ink pens that look like tiny scribbles. It's not about going over the pencil line art directly, the emphasis is always on improving the drawing by not only sketching in details, but also to correct certain areas of the pencil drawing and also to add some energy and movement in there too.

Inking An Egyptian Mummy Drawing Video

Draw The Mummy's Head

Inking A Detailed Mummy Head

How To Draw And Ink A Detailed Mummy Head

Draw a detailed Mummy head and face we take a quick glance over the previous Mummy drawing and then try to draw the same Mummy head only with more detail and although I managed to sketch in Vampire teeth, it still is a Mummy drawing with some mummified bandages still wrapped around it's head.

When you begin inking the pencil drawing don't think too much about going over the pencil lines precisely, instead just draw quickly and ink in random ink lines to capture your inking style technique. I always work this way through the art of sketching.

Mummy Head Drawing

A Mummy head drawing by Wayne Tully 2011.
A Mummy head drawing by Wayne Tully 2011.

Drawing A Mummy

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