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How To Draw Futuristic Guns With Drawing Video Inspiration

Updated on July 24, 2011

Drawing Futuristic Guns

Futuristic guns are fun to draw and it does help if you have a vivid imagination to draw some funky and cool looking future weapons, of course if you know what a standard gun looks like, you can build on that design and really create some fantastic weapons of mass destruction.

To draw guns of the future you need to plan it all out first, get some reference photos of real guns to inspire you and just try to imagine this gun being turned into this all powerful future gun and I'm not talking about a puny Buck Rogers laser gun with tin foil plastered around it, to try and make it look all nice and sparkly, I mean and really good gun design that has multiple barrels or at the very least a great design to it that looks futuristic.

A lot of the old style guns can be upgraded with new bits and pieces that really make them totally cool to look at and you wish that you had a toy gun when you was a kid that was this cool, I like the idea of chopping and changing bits of different guns, like adding shotgun barrels to a small hand gun and chunky metal casing like it could just turn into a massive robot all of a sudden.

The 2 examples below are just hand guns that do look slightly futuristic and these were my first drawings when tackling this subject and quite often when you start drawing things you haven't drawn in a while, then you may need several attempts to get it right, below you'll find a video in which I quickly sketch some ideas out, which you may find interesting to watch.

But for now, let's just go through a separate quick drawing video example right here of drawing a futuristic gun and I want it to be a rifle/gun of the future, so here we go...

I sketch out the idea or the rough idea as I go along, I'm not worried about the details at this point, I'm more concerned about the size and the shape of the gun and how it will look and that's why I sketch in draft lines to try and discover the gun that I want.

I am using a ball point pen a black one at first which helps to sketch the main sections of the gun in and then I am able to darken the lines later and then I introduce Blue and a red ball point pen to help break up the colors of the gun and make certain parts look like lit up areas only by suggestion. Watch the drawing video below to see how I draw a futuristic gun....

Draw Futuristic Guns

Draw futuristic guns step by step and just have fun.
Draw futuristic guns step by step and just have fun.
How to draw futuristic guns.
How to draw futuristic guns.

Draw Some Futuristic Guns

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How To Draw Futuristic Guns

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