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How To Draw Trees Art Guide

Updated on September 9, 2011

Guide To Draw Trees

Ink tree drawing by Wayne Tully.
Ink tree drawing by Wayne Tully.

Simple And Easy Ways To Draw Trees

When it comes to drawing trees there are many different ways you can approach this, you could take photos of trees for reference or you can draw from your imagination sketching renditions of what you can recall from memory. The ideal option if you are stuck drawing trees is to follow along with this in depth guide and slowly attempt to try and sketch your own trees, bearing in mind that no two trees will ever look the same.

We shall start off with a quick sketch video in which we can go through the simple structure of a tree drawing which will give you something to work from. I highly recommend you take a walk in the park to look at the many different trees there are to gain some real life scenic inspiration.

Watch the quick tree sketch video below...

Fast Sketching A Tree Drawing Video

Drawing Tree Bark Art Video

Tree bark is the skin of a tree and it looks quite coarse to touch with it's rough looking and often quite crusty shrivelled look, but to draw it is quite simple enough as explained in the following drawing video which you will see how to draw an example of tree bark and how to give it it's unique form through shading and applying the sketch details.

Again look at reference photos below this video to really study the tree bark and it's up to you how detailed you make it.

Tree Bark Drawing

Tree Bark Reference Photo

A photo of a tree trunk with tree bark...
A photo of a tree trunk with tree bark...

Draw Tree Branches With Leaves

Adding the final touches of the leaves on tree branches can be difficult for some tree artists particularly as they may have spent time sketching in the tree branch only to have left out the space to draw in the leaves. In the next video I show you an example of a tree branch drawing with leaves drawn in which may help you to space those branches out so that you can draw some leafy appendages.

After this video we shall explore drawing some different tree shapes for fun...

Draw Tree Branches Video

Draw Trees Easily

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    • profile image

      jennifer moe 6 years ago from Brooklyn center,mn

      How wounderful, would be great for children to learn

      and, other adults how to draw nature.

    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Cheers now! There will be more to add to this on thinking about it and I will in time...

    • jamterrell profile image

      jamterrell 6 years ago

      Wonderful guide here. You really sketched a tree-so cute.Thanks for sharing.