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How To Fairy Garden

Updated on March 16, 2016
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Ruby is a reseller with a growing catalog. He created Billionaire Pets Club. He also has his own Youtube channel on a variety of topics.

My first fairy garden, what do you think?
My first fairy garden, what do you think?

What Is A Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden is a pot or other container usually small, that has plants and decorations that are also small. It is meant to mimic an environment that fairies might live in. This is a new trend that has caught on in the last couple years. You can buy one pre made for a hefty price tag, or you can read below and add your personal touch by making your very own!

Fairy garden fence
Fairy garden fence

What Supplies Are Needed & Their Uses

You are going to need a pot or container of some kind. Creative ideas include a bird bath or an antique clawfoot tub. I would pick a short round pot that gives you ample space to decorate, but doesn't need a block of houses to fill. Next add rocks to the bottom, small ones, for drainage. Then on top of that you will need good soil preferably potting soil. You can have either rocks, dirt, or a combo of both as your top surface. I like a walkway made of rocks with the rest dirt. Now for the most fun part... decorating! You can get real creative and create your own decorations, i'm not that good. Or you can purchase online and in garden stores. Finding cute items with my mom was just as much fun as making the actual garden. You can get benches, trellises, rocks, swings, birdhouses, light posts & so on. Plants also are a necessity, make sure to get some that stay small. I suggest herbs and/or succulents.

Putting It All Together Finishing Touches

I know the above paragraph pretty much explained it all but you may still be having some trouble or it may not look right. If your stuff is sticking out too high then get some wire cutters to trim the posts that stick in the ground. If anything is not standing up, you can get some of the posts that you just cut and attach those to the items without posts with glue or whatever adhesive that is handy. If you need to fill out your garden more but don't have any more plants, remember you can pull parts off succulents and replant them. If you want some more items but don't have any, consider getting some wire and bending it to create furniture or other items. I saw a nice chair and table set on Google made out of strictly black wire that would be welcome in my garden if I was crafty enough to craft it. Most importantly have fun and please share your experience below!

Does yours look like this?(;
Does yours look like this?(;


Are You Going To Make One?

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Don't Forget Your Supplies...

Fairy Garden Mini Gazing Globes, Set of 3
Fairy Garden Mini Gazing Globes, Set of 3
I got these for my mother, they will go great in your fairy garden!


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