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How To Improve Your Art Right Now

Updated on June 26, 2017

If there's one thing every artist has in common, it's the want to improve. No matter who tells us that our art is fantastic, we don't quite believe it until we're satisfied with our work. Many artists find that they want to improve their artwork, either one aspect or their entire style, but just can't find where to start. If you're an artist at a loss on how to improve, keep on reading!


Having a reference to go off of while drawing is by far one of the best ways to make your art seem more realistic, even if you draw in a cartoon-esque style. To alter reality, you have to understand how it works first.

Body References

  • SketchDaily- A way to get quickly used to drawing anatomically correct figures with a timer option.
  • Posemaniacs- A large library of 3D models in numerous poses.
  • Google search "Loomis Book of Art"- Simply searching this phrase and looking at the images that are brought up gives you a handful of drawn references to look at. Trust me, profile views are 20 times easier now that I've done this.
  • Use yourself- Find a picture of you, look in a mirror or just pose your other hand to recreate. Physical references are always great because you can look at your reference from different angles.

Landscape References

  • Photos4artists- A website with hundreds of pictures that include buildings, lakes, hills and much more (there are literally hundreds of pictures)
  • Landscape-Resources on DeviantArt- A group on the art sharing site DeviantArt dedicated to sharing landscape references.

Animal References

  • Line of Action- Like Sketchdaily, you learn how to quickly draw the anatomy of animals by being able to choose if you're timed or not.
  • Animalphotos- Just about any animal you could want from A to Z.

Drawing Challenges

If you are active on social media with your art, you're likely aware of the "Art Challenges" that many artists partake in. Not only is it fun to start with another artist and see each other's outcomes, but it pushes you to find an interesting way to interpret whatever that day's challenge is. There are hundreds to choose from, but here's a few to get started with.


If none of these reach out to you, you can always do a quick search for art challenges on Google or Pinterest! There's an entire world of choices there.

Patience and Practice

Art takes time. You can't expect yourself to improve overnight. You can apply these techniques today, but you'll only ever see improvement in a month all the way up to a year, depending on what and how much you wanted to improve. The most important tactic to improve is to keep drawing. There may be days where you feel like you're going nowhere with your art, but as long as you keep drawing improvement is happening.

What resources and practices do you use to improve your art?


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