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How To Make A Buttons Necklace For A Little Girl

Updated on June 21, 2009

Always looking for new ideas, I recently tried to make a button necklace for my little 3-year-old girl.  Satisfied with the result, I decided to share my work.  So here are the few steps you need to follow to realize this great button necklace for a little girl.

Choosing buttons

First step

The first thing to do is to choose your buttons from what you have.  For this project, I used a 4 oz. pack of buttons I already had bought to do scrapbooking.  You may also use old buttons you accumulated from old clothes.  I suggest you reuse more than you buy new buttons.

Creating centerpiece

Second step

Now that you have chosen some buttons, create a centerpiece and place it in the middle of your thread.  I have used black hemp thread, but you may use another kind of thread such as wool.  Don’t get a too thick thread because you won’t be able to pass it through your buttons holes.

Adding more buttons

Third step

Continue to add buttons as much as you want.  Alternating colors will give your work the perfect look for a little full-of-energy-girl!

Using 4-holes buttons

Since you may have a lot of 4-holes buttons, here's a tip to use them in creating your necklace.  Once you passed your thread in the 4 holes, turn your button and pass the thread back under it.  This will allow your necklace to be aligned or to keep its great shape.

Here's your button bead necklace finished

Last step

The last thing to do is to put a clasp to your necklace; any kind will do the job.


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    • Heather Says profile image

      Heather Rode 5 years ago from Buckeye, Arizona

      Super cute! I love buttons and this craft is right up my alley. Thanks for the tutorial :) Voted up.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

      Your work is good and I hope you continue to share here on HubPages.