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How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet?

Updated on June 30, 2014

You've probably realized by now that duct tape fixes most things. A temporary fix on a leaky pipe, that tear in your pants (or actual pants, for that matter), make a duct tape purse, or even a wallet, almost anything is achievable with duct tape and wallets have become a sort of trend. So, how, you ask, does one make a wallet out of duct tape? Easy. Just follow these steps, and you too can make your very own duct tape wallet. (And with all of the new designs, think of all the possibilities!)

Here's what you will need:

- Scissors
- A roll of duct tape (any color or design)
- A ruler

Okay, now what? Well, there are two different methods you can use. The first, is simple, with only a pocket for your money.


Step 1:

- Make a sheet of duct tape, using four strips, seven inches long. (You can also buy these premade sheets at any craft store, just be sure to buy two and stick them together.) Tape both sides, so the duct tape doesn't adhere to anything, so that it's like a duct tape panel.

Step 2:

- Fold your sheet of duct tape in half (like a hotdog!), to create a rectangle.

Step 3:

- Add a thin strip of duct tape to either ends, so that it works as a wallet, creating a pocket.

And voila! Simple duct tape wallet.

The next method is a little more extensive, but you will also have the slots for your credit cards, ID, or even a house-key.

Method 2:

Okay, so what if you wanted a few more pockets, rather than the one for your cash? Follow these steps, and you'll be crafting wallets in no time, with room for your credit cards!

Step 1:

- Cut four strips of duct tape, about 10 inches long. Lay the strips with the non-sticky surface facing down, so that the adhesive part is facing upward. Connect all the strips together, overlapping the pieces slightly. When you're finished, you will have a sheet of duct tape.

Step 2:

- Cut another strip, 10 inches long, and place it onto the bottom strip, so that both sticky sides adhere to each other. Do the same with the other three strips, until you have a complete sheet of duct tape.

Step 3:

- Fold the panel in half, to create a rectangle/wallet shape. Fold that in half (you now have a bi-fold wallet!).


Step 4:

- Cut another strip, this time about 18 inches long. Place it on a flat surface, sticky side (once again) facing upward.

Step 5:

- Cut another strip the same length and place both sticky sides together, creating a solid panel, 18 inches long.

Step 6:

- Create another 18 inch piece, but cut it in half. Place the other half aside. Using the other piece, stick it to the top half of the 18 inch panel that you just made (steps 4 and 5). You want to seal the two edges of the panel, creating a smooth seam with the half strip of tape.

Step 7:

- Do the same with the bottom half of the panel, and the other half strip that you had cut.

Step 8:

- Using a credit card or gift card as a guide for your measurements, lay the card at the very end of the 18 inch panel that you just finished. Cut at the end of the card, so you are left with a sheet of duct tape that matches the dimensions of your card.

Step 9:

- Continue doing so until the panel is cut into a total of 4 complete pieces.

Step 10:

- Going back to your wallet, cut another piece of tape longer than the length of the wallet (about an inch and a half longer on either end).

Step 11:

- Again, your smoothing the seams to the rough edges of your wallet. Cut the strip in half and place the top half on the top of your wallet, folding the same piece over either side.

Step 12:

- With your wallet laid open, place the 4 panels that you had made in the shape of a card into either side of the wallet, 2 on each side. Positioned them like the credit card section of a wallet.

Step 13:

- Cut a 4 inch strip and cut the strip in half. Using one piece, place the strip into the center, covering part of the 4 panels. Tape the ends over the sides of the wallet, but be sure to tuck one side into the wallet, as you do not want to tape your wallet shut.

Step 14:

- Using another 4 in strip cut in half, tape the other sides of the panels down on the outside of the wallet, so that either side of the panels are now secure in the middle of your wallet.

Step 15:

- Use your scissors to trim the excess tape from where you folded it over at the ends.

Step 16:

- Cut another strip, long enough for the bottom of your wallet and tape the bottom of the card panels in.

Step 17:

- Make sure that all your edges are taped, snip any excess, and you're done! You have just created your very own duct tape wallet! Congratulations!


All Done!

Now you have just created your very own, stylish and fashionable Duct Tape wallet, cool huh?!


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