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How to Make a Gift Box From Cardstock

Updated on February 12, 2018

Here is a simple box with a folding lid you can make out of cardstock. There are only a few simple cuts and folds. I use a 8" by 10" piece of cardstock, which yields a box 3 1/2" by 4", 1" deep. Once you have the basic principles down pat, you can make other sizes easily. (To download the free template, click here). When marking out the fold lines use a pencil, and mark them lightly. The lines are on the inside, but some will still show if they are too dark. (For the photos, I made the lines dark, so they are more visible.)

1. Take your sheet of cardstock, and, starting at one long side, mark a line 2" from the edge, the length of the sheet. Then make another line on the other side, 2" from that side.

2. Next, make a series of lines parallel to the short side. Start from one short side, and make a line 1" from the edge. Then draw another line 31/2" from that line. The next line will be 1" from the last one, and then you need another one 31/2" from that one. Lastly, mark one more line 1/2" from the last one.

3. Now, draw a line 1" from the long edge, parallel to the first 2" line, only between the lines that make up the first 3 1/2" space, on each side.

4. Finally, mark off a 1/2" on each of the side tabs.

5. Following the template, cut along only the lines marked in red. I use an x-acto knife with a sharp blade, but you can also use scissors. Discard the pieces of cardstock that are marked with an "x."

6. Carefully fold the cardstock along each of the black lines, creasing it well. (Depending on the thickness of cardstock you use, you may have to score it lightly.) This makes the rest of the process much easier.

7. Bend the bottom strip up, folding in the side tabs so that they are parallel with the long sides. Then bend up the next 1" strip the same way.

8. Now fold up the sides, folding the first 1" strip over the side tabs, and into the inside of the box. Do one side at a time. I put a dab of glue onto the side strip, and press it firmly to keep the box together neatly.

9. Cut off the corners of the top flap so that the tab will fit neatly into the box.

10. Lastly, fold down the top, and crease the 1/2" flap down. And your cardstock gift box is finished! You can decorate it, or leave it plain. Try experimenting with different kinds of cardstock, or adding a bow, or painting a design on it. Have fun!


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