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How To Make A Glowing Text Effect In Gimp 2.0

Updated on January 8, 2014


Many beginner GImp users wonder how to get nice text effects. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to get a nice "Glowing Text" effect in Gimp 2.0. Before we start you will want to download this font which I used in this tutorial:

First Step

The first thing we will be doing is creating a new image with the size of 800x600px. I will be filling the background with a light to dark gray linear gradient.

Second Step

For our second step we will apply an "HSV Noise" filter to the background to get it a little bit of texture. This is not crucial to the tutorial end result but it will help display it a bit better. After that Go ahead and create your text layer with the "Android" font or any other font you'd like to use. Make sure you set the font to a medium or large size and the color of the font to white (#fff).

Right click on the layer in the layers option and select "Layer To Image Size". We do this because later on we will be applying blurrs to the text and we don't want it to be prematurely cut off. Duplicate the text layer 2 times and make sure both layers sizes are set to the image size.

Third Step

Now we start the glowing process. Start with the bottom most layer and apply a "Gaussian Blur" of around 200px. Now on the layer just above that apply a "Gaussian Blur" of about 10px. Create a new blank layer.

Fourth And Final Step

For our fourth and final step we will be applying some colors on the new layer we made. I will be using purple and blue. Once you have them colored on apply a Gaussian Blur of 200px to that layer then select "Mode: Color" for the Layers mode.


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