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How To Make A Nuka-Cola Quantum From Fallout

Updated on November 12, 2012

This article will be a step by step guide to making a nuka cola quantum from the video games Fallout New Vegas. There are many different guides out there using various methods for the light, fluid, fluid colour, bottle cap and the nuka cola labels. I will provide you with the source of the best quality stickers and extras that you will need. I will throw in a couple video guides for you to refer back to as well if you would rather watch a video tutorial.

First Step - Materials

This is the part which can be the hardest if you cannot find access to the required materials. The following list is the ideal choice for making the prop, but I will also include some alternatives just in case you are struggling to gather the materials

Ideal Materials

  • Mexican Coca-Cola Bottle
  • Tonic Water
  • Blue Food Colouring
  • Bottle Caps
  • Printer
  • Bottle Cap & Nuka Cola Label Template
  • Bottle Cap Sealer
  • Scissors or Access To A Professional Graphic Shop
  • Glue
  • Push Light
  • Double Sided Tape

Alternative Materials

  • A Bottle That Looks Similar To A Mexican Coca-Cola Bottle
  • Water
  • Reusable Bottle Caps

Label Templates

Second Step - Material Prep

The second step is the part where you are going to prepare your materials and get everything ready to make the Nuka Cola Quantum bottle.

Bottle Prep - If you are using a bottle that has a sticker on it then you are going to want to soak the bottle in warm soapy water for an hour to allow you to be able to peel of the sticker and any residue that is left behind. A tip for removing any remaining residue is to allow it to soak and scrape it off with a sharp blade.

Bottle Cap Prep - For this you are going to want to take your bottle cap and colour it in with your marker pen, either blue or red is the best choice. Colour the whole cap in your chosen colour.

Nuka Cola Bottle & Bottle Cap Cut Out - This is the stage where you need your printer and scissors. Print out the Nuka Cola Quantum bottle and bottle cap labels that I linked above. You can use standard inkjet printer paper for the bottle cap, and use glossy printer paper (130gsm is ideal) for the bottle sticker. Once you have printed these out, use your scissors to carefully cut out as many labels as you require.

Third Step - Assembling Your Bottle

At this stage you are almost done, all that's left is to put all your materials together and finish off the final details to make your prop.

Bottle Cap - Take your coloured in bottle cap and apply some glue to the area where your will be sticking your cut out bottle cap top. Place the cut out onto the bottle cap and leave to dry for 20mins. Once it has dried take your marker pen and fill in any white edges that you see to finished off the bottle cap.

Bottle Sticker - Take your bottle sticker and apply some glue onto the sticker, place the sticker in the same area where you took the original sticker off. Leave to dry for 20mins and this part is compelete.

Blue Fluid - This is the part that turns to prop into a Nuka Cola Quantum. Take your tonic water and pour some into another bottle. Add a few drops of the blue food colouring and mix until you have your desired blue colour. Take your funnel and pour the blue fluid into the glass bottle. When you are pouring the fluid make sure that you do it VERY SLOWLY so that no bubbles rise up. You can also leave the tonic water out for a while to let the bubbles go before you pour it into the glass bottle.

Sealing The Bottle - Take your pre prepared bottle cap and put it onto the bottle using your bottle cap press. You can put the cap on with the cut out on if your bottle cap press might damage the Nuka Cola top cut out.

Achieving The "Glow" - This is the final stage where you add the most impressive part, the "glow". Take your push light and apply some double sided tape to the entire top of the light. Place your glass bottle onto the tape and push it down and hold for a few minutes until the tape has stuck the light and bottle together.

There you have it, you now have a real life Nuka Cola Quantum.

A Video Tutorial


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    • BoneyHead profile image

      Nathan 4 years ago

      This was really cool article. But then I would say that because I'm such a Fallout fan.