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How To Make Christmas Cards Online With Zazzle: Using Your Pictures To Make Cards Online

Updated on August 24, 2019

Buying Christmas cards at the store is what many people do, but that is not what I want to do! If you prefer to explore your crafty side, then why not try designing your own cards with online print on demand services like Zazzle. Like HubPages where we get a share of Google Adsense for ad revenue, at Zazzle you get a commission for each item sold from your Zazzle store. However, if you just want to make a cool Christmas card and not post it for public view, you can do that as well. Do you have some cute Christmas pictures or are you an aspiring artist? If so, Zazzle is a great way to showcase your artwork and make a little extra money on the side. I will be honest right off the bat and let you know I do not make tons of money at Zazzle, but just like HubPages it requires work and I would be skeptical of anyone who says you can make a lot of money online overnight. These things take time and the little bit of cash made is a nice bonus when used in conjunction with your regular job. However, the bottom line is I enjoy using Zazzle because it is an amusing diversion and there is a friendly community there to keep everyone inspired. Although I am mostly a HubPages addict and do not visit Zazzle very much these days, with Christmas approaching I feel it is time to get a head start on making a few Christmas cards over at Zazzle.

Picture of the cat I drew.  I used photo editing software to add a Christmas hat.
Picture of the cat I drew. I used photo editing software to add a Christmas hat.

My Christmas Cat Drawing

Do you love to draw and paint, or create graphic designs on the computer? If so, Zazzle may be the website for you to share your wonderful creations with the world. In December of 2007 I drew a picture of a cat, but I decided to spruce it up for the holiday season. At home I used photo editing software to draw a Santa hat on my kitty and to design cards for my friends. The cards were a hit, so I also decided to upload the same image on to greeting cards for sale at Zazzle. However, hand drawn pictures and paintings are not the only things you can upload onto cards over at Zazzle.

A picture of Lucky dog running out in the snow.  I used photo editing software to create the blue background with snow like effects.
A picture of Lucky dog running out in the snow. I used photo editing software to create the blue background with snow like effects.

Photos Make Wonderful Christmas Cards

I love to take pictures of the snow on the trees up in the San Bernardino Mountains where I grew up and visit often, but sometimes my sister's pictures also serve as inspiration for my projects. My sister took a picture of her dog Lucky and I just thought this would make a beautiful Christmas card image. He was running through the snow on a winter day in the San Bernardino Mountains, which just goes to show that it does snow in parts of Southern California.

Another picture I used was one of my nephew and niece decorating their Christmas tree. Tinker Belle was their new Christmas tree topper that year, so it is cute how they both put it on the tree together instead of arguing about it. They are very cute children and very photogenic, and I am not just saying this because I am their loving auntie. Uploading pictures to Zazzle is easy and all you have to do is pick the product you wish to display your image. Also, Zazzle is great way to let your family and friends select personalized greeting cards they can send out themselves. I am amazed by all the services Zazzle has to offer and I recommend checking their website out if you have not already.

Too Busy To Design Christmas Cards Online?

If you are too busy to design cards online you can always drop by Amazon or eBay and check out some of the very cute Christmas cards on sale. On Amazon there is a great selection of cards for sale, and you can even get free shipping on products that qualify for their $35 dollar and over super shipper deal. EBay often has even better prices than amazon, so it is worth checking out this option if you want to save a little Christmas cash and have more cards to go around. Sites such as etsy and Craigslist might also be a viable options for buying Christmas cards this season. Are you a crafter? Keep in mind you could even sell your cards on amazon, eBay, etsy, and craigslist to those of us who are in a time crunch when it comes to Christmas shopping. The Internet has made it very easy to shop online, which allows us to avoid traipsing through stores looking for the perfect Christmas card.

Christmas Card Shopping Survey

Which method will you use for purchasing Christmas cards this year?

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