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How To Make Handmade Finger Puppets At Home?

Updated on November 8, 2016

Who says puppets are inanimate objects? The game begins with the puppet moving and addressing the teammates and the audience. The doll somehow becomes part of the child and encourages it to take the initiative and be creative. Those games encourage kids’ uniqueness and contribute to the development of imagination and intellect. The creation of the doll itself improves the kid’s imagination. Isn’t it inspiring to make the autumn fruit sing? All you need is your good mood.

Kids toys available on the market are classified into 'from-to' categories based on age. Finger puppets are great for children of all ages, because they are equally enticing to both the younger and the older rascals out there. They are often used as a didactic tool in working with children, so we are talking about an age group from 3 to 103 here.

Finger puppets also help in psychological games where kids use language symbols to express their thoughts and feelings. They transfer all their feelings of joy, sadness or anger to the doll.

You don’t need any special or expensive material to make finger puppets – you have everything you need at home. Find remains of canvas, calico; old cloth pieces, a colored yarn, gloves... You'll also need a needle, a thread, some glue, scissors, felt clothes, a couple of felt-tip pens and the scene is yours!

How To Make Simple Finger Puppets?

  1. Cut out two pieces of felt - 10 cm long and 5 cm wide.
  2. Cut off the top edge on their pieces, so you get a little more rounded shape of the head.
  3. Then, from hard paper or paperboard, cut the eyes, ears, tail, wings or something else you need for your puppet.
  4. Glue those parts on your felt, glue (or sew) the upper part of the side edges, leaving the lower side free for your finger.
  5. When the glue dries, the toy is ready to be played with, but you know there are nine more waiting for you! A fun tip: make a different animal for each finger. Go for Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty or some other character your kids love.


Finger Puppets From Old Gloves

  1. Cut off the gloves’ fingers. To prevent unraveling, go for hand-stitching If you don’t want to sew, glue around the edges of the finger where you can see the seam.
  2. Insert a piece of a cotton wool in each finger to create the puppet’s head.
  3. Then wrap the thread around it to create a neck.
  4. Sew sequins for eyes and use for a mouth red thread embroidery. Make hair of knitting wool and sew it up.
  5. Use fabric remnants to make its clothes. Don’t forget to use the other glove fingers in the same way to create multiple characters.


Paper Finger Puppets

  1. For each puppet, use thin cardboard and cut out a 75-mm square.
  2. Roll it around your finger, taping the edges with duct tape.
  3. Squeeze the top and glue a thread or yarn for hair.
  4. Use felt-tip pens to draw the eyes, nose and mouth.
  5. You can make the clothes from the fabric remnants, as before, or use colored paper and glue it to a body.


For all people with imagination, try your creativity and spent some precious time with your kids!


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