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How To Make Money With Animation!

Updated on August 21, 2014

Making money with animation, especially if you are an indepent animator or just a hobbyist, can be very difficult! And if you are trying to snag a job at a big popular animation studio, like Disney or Dreamworks, be prepared for hordes of competiton!

However, one of the best ways for animators to make revenue from their own short animation films is from uploading them onto video websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Animation Creationz. In this article, I will be focusing on the benefits of submitting your animated shorts to these three websites and the best way to do it!

Animation Creationz

Animation Creationz is a relatively new video community website that is geared towards animated videos and short films. However, it has an interesting, and awesome for you, difference from sites like Youtube. Animation Creationz gives all their publishers $0.03 for every view their videos get! To compare that payout with, for instance, Youtube's Partnership Program, Youtube will pay out around $700-$1300 per million views a publisher gets, while Animation Creationz pays out a consistent $30,000 per million views! That's at least 20 times more than Youtube!

Animation Creationz also pays out every Friday, which is pretty awesome.

As an animation viewer, you can register for a free account and then buy credits (1 credit for $0.05) that you can use to watch the awesomd animation! Each video view only costs 1 credit, so only $0.05. This means you can watch 20 videos for $1, which is a nice low starting amount.


Youtube is an obvious place to upload your videos to. Youtube gets 4 billion video views a day, and if you can attract even the smallest sliver of those 4 billion views, you can make awesome cash! Youtube is user friendly and easily the most popular video site out there. However, as mentioned before, the payout is kind of low, and you will need a Google Adsense account to be able to partcipate. If you can upload enough videos and build a sweet, attractive channel on Youtube and get subscribers, you'll be well on your way to dominating Youtube.


Vimeo is another video website that is growing in popularity, especially in 2014. Vimeo is different, in that you can purchase plans that allow you to upload more videos in higher quality, along with a myriad of other publisher tools. This makes it hard to make good money with the free plan, so if you plan on uploading to Vimeo, I would suggest doing a paid plan if you can.

A cool thing about Vimeo is that it has a pretty big audience and that it has a tip jar for publishers where a user can tip the publisher of a video right from the video page. The tip can be any amount, so if you are creating content that is popular, you'll most likely being getting some good tips!

With all these sites, upload as many quality animated videos and short films as you can. I would suggest uploading to all three so you can optimize your exposure and revenue from your animated works!

I hope this quick article has helped give you some ideas! Happy animating!

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