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How To Name Your Flower Shop? Great Name Ideas for a Flower Store!

Updated on March 29, 2011

You have found a location for your flower shop but you are still looking for a good name? This article comes to the rescue where we look at some great names for flower stores! Every floral design business needs a good name but it can be hard to come up with creative ideas. Your ideas seem boring or dull and you are looking for a really great name for a flower shop.

Many flower shops use similar words as they try to remind you of their beautiful natural creations. This article lists some common words and it also discusses why some names are better than others. Many of these ideas hold true for naming any business but here we'll focus on flower stores in particular!

You should aim for a name that is good, simple and memorable. Let's have a look now at some common words in flower shop names.


Good names and words for a flower shop

Nature provides many sources of inspiration to name a flower shop. You can name it after your favorite flower, such as hyacinths, lilies, tulips or roses, or botanical terms, such as petals, stems or buds. Flowers also represent growth, new beginnings and new life which leads us to words as flowering, blooming and blossom.

You can also get ideas from the experience that a flower brings, such as its shape and color. Many flowers, such as roses, are also known for their scent and fragrance. You can think of flower shop names such as The Red Rose, Fragrance Florist or Heavenly Scent. Some of these names are already taken though.

You can also include words as garden or terrace in your shop's name. Flower shops are sometimes also named flower boutiques. You can combine this with your favorite flower, such as The Hyacinth Boutique, even if that type of flower is no more important than the others in your flower bouquets.

Other words that have been used are florist, flower, floral and flora.


What makes a flower shop name really good?

A simple name is usually best as it is easy to remember and easy to share with others by word of mouth. That is, of course, how a florist can establish its name as many people will ask where that beautiful bouquet of flowers came from. You don't want people to have a hard time remembering the name of your flower shop because that can hurt sales.

If you specialize in wedding flowers then you can consider to name your shop Wedding Florist or Bridal Florist although these names have been used before of course. You could add the name of your city or town to make the name really unique however, such as Atlanta Bridal Florist. Be sure to check online whether your shop name does not exist yet in your region because this name already exists too!


Can't think of a name for your flower shop?

Deciding upon the name for your flower shop is not easy. This article gave you some examples of popular words and other naming ideas but it's up to you to name your shop.

If you can't think of any creative name that you're satisfied with, you can always name the shop after yourself (Emma's Flowers), the street name (Bourke Street Florist) or the city name (if that name isn't taken yet).

You should not make the name a bigger problem than it needs to be. Yes, it is important but the more you search for that perfect name, the more likely you are to overcomplicate the name. A good and simple yet memorable name is better than that creative and unique name you may be looking for.

A florist is a straightforward business: people know what your store offers so there is less need to have a name with cutting-edge originality. You will want a name that stands out from your immediate competition but there may very well be a flower shop with the same name in a nearby city.

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    • profile image

      La Verne Florist 

      6 years ago

      Wild by Nature

    • profile image

      Minneapolis Florists 

      8 years ago

      I think the name of any business should reflect the highlights of that business. So any flower shop's name should inspire feelings of fresh, wonderfully smelling flowers.


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