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How To Paint Mountains With Acrylic Paints

Updated on February 17, 2011

How To Paint Mountains With Acrlyic Paints

 Painting mountain ranges can be a calming experience. It is soothing to see this wonderful creation of nature. There are many options available when painting. You can find a multitude of references and tutorials online on how to paint mountains. You can find interactive tutorials on Youtube. Most of the tutorials follow similar instructions and techniques. My favorite sites on painting mountain ranges are:

Learn How To Create A Distant Mountain

How To Get Paint To Break When Painting Mountains



1) Start by coming up with ideas on how you want your mountain range to appear. You can use a photo as a reference or use your imagination.

2) Sketch an outline of your painting. You will want to add the horizon line if you want to add a lake on the bottom. You can use any variation to sketch the mountain.

3) Paint the background, first. The background usually consists of the sky and sometimes even a sunset. Allow the background to dry.

4) Next, you are ready to add the back mountains. The first mountains you paint should be the farthest away. The further away mountains should be painted with a lighter color than the closer ones. Always remember that the further the mountain, the lighter the paint that should be used. Usually, the more distant mountains are painted with a light blue-grey.

5) Add the closer mountains. As the mountains become closer, use a darker intensity. The contrasting colors used between the light back mountains and the dark front mountains give a sense of depth.

6) Paint highlights on the mountains. The highlights usually appear as snow. They can be painted with a palette knife. Use bright colors such as white, light blue, or light pink.

6) Paint objects in the front of the picture such as pine trees, horses, and bushes. Trees can be painted with a fan brush and come in many layers and tones


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