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How To Pick Perfect Blooms

Updated on May 11, 2011
Calla Lillies
Calla Lillies
Bird Of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise

Bored of the usual bouquet of roses? Let start of getting creative!

Choosing the perfect mix of flowers for a bouquet is tricky, but by taking the trouble to opt for a unique selection of flowers instead of the usual fare of roses and carnations, your intended recipient will be touched by how much thought you put into it.

Here are some suggestions on the picks:

SUNFLOWERS-This described as a hardy flower, it looks great both indoor and on the patio. However, cut flowers should be kept out of the direct sun to lengthen their lifespan.

ORCHIDS-The exquisite orchid comes in various shades and variants like dendrobium (cost effective and used in leis); slightly more expensive cymbidium (durable, but can perish in cold temperatures); and oncidium or commonly referred to as spray orchids.

CALLA LILLIES-The slender stalk of the calla exudes grace and elegance; these are precisely the attributes that make the flowers so stunningly beautiful. Be gentle when handling this lily as it can bruise easily. For maximum life, trim the bottom of the fleshy stalk every day and keep the water fresh.

BIRD OF PARADISE-This flower resembles a bird in-flight and it commonly found in tropical climates, If you’ve purchased I unbloomed, here’s a tip – soak the flower head in water foe 15 to 20 minutes. Then blot dry and carefully, reach into the base of the flower to lift out the petals to form the flower’s characteristic fan shape.

EUSTOMA-Available all year, this unscented flower has a wispy, ruffled look similar to a peony or a rose. It has multiple buds on a single stem and comes in a wide range of colours from cherry pink to two-toned purple. With proper care they can last for 10 days.


The colours you choose for your flowers are just as important as the type of flowers used. Bold shades like orange and red evoke warmth and energy – perfect for the person who appreciates life and embraces each day with passion and confidence. Soft shade like pink and white evoke a sense of joy and sweet innocence.




On a daily basis, wash out all vases in running water and refill with fresh water. If your arrangement is places in an oasis or floral foam, check that the water level is adequate. If using flower food be sure to mix in the correct proportions, otherwise it may harm your flowers.


Ideally you should remove ½ to ¾ inches from the end of the stem. Try to do this every day to ensure water absorption is optimal. Use sharp scissors or a knife to avoid bruising the stem. Also, remove any foliage which falls below the water level as this could promote the growth of bacteria which can shorten the flower’s lifespan. If you’re worried that you’ll mess up the arrangement once you remove it from the vase to trim the stems, here’s a trick: loosely tie a ribbon around the middle of the arrangement, cut the stems, then put the flowers back in the vase and remove the ribbon.


Pick a cool spot to display your flower (anywhere between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius) and keep them away from direct sunlight, hot and cold vents, televisions or radiator tops. When placing flowers in the kitchen, ripening fruit releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas that can accelerate the ageing of flowers.


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