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How To make A Ceremonial Parade Cap

Updated on December 6, 2017
Jay Daniel profile image

Daniel is a science student in school who also has skills on art work. He is also a graphics designer with computer systems.


One set of people I like seeing in the world today, are the Army, Police, Navy and Air force in their ceremonial parade outfits which are so attractive to my eyes and also makes me want to wear them.

Though I'm not passionate about being in the force, but I still got a little interest in it, because one place I would want to be, is in the force as a super cop.

However, I've always wanted to put on a ceremonial parade cap. But since I can't get real one because I'm not in the force, I decided to make one for myself with just cardboard paper; a simple piece of art work.

So, if you also like putting on a parade outfit like me and if you are also a big fan of art work, you can check this place out because I'm going to show, how to make a parade cap with just cardboard paper on this article. It may not be as fancy as the real one, but it's really worth trying it out.


To make this piece of art work you are going to need some materials, such as:

  1. Two sheets of cardboard paper of different colors. You can use any two colors of your choice, but I'm going to be using blue and pink on this one.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. A bottle of Top gum, or any other type of gum you may have that can bond well.
  4. A pen or marker and a rule for marking out purposes.
  5. A large perfectly round material of 12inches diameter e.g. the cover of a 20litres cylindrical bucket. And also a smaller one of 8inches diameter.
  6. A razor blade.

If you have gotten these materials then, you are good to go.

This is how it will look like after the construction.

Paper parade cap
Paper parade cap | Source


Now, to get started follow the following steps:

Step 1.

Place the blue cardboard paper on a table or any flat surface that can contain it.

Blue Cardboard paper
Blue Cardboard paper | Source

Step 2.

Place the large round board of 12inches diameter on the center of the cardboard paper and draw a line around it.

Step 3.

Take the smaller round board of 8inches diameter and place it inside the large circle you've just drawn and draw another line around it.

Step 4.

Mark a spot on the line of the outer circle, then, take a distance of 2cm away from it and put another mark on the same line. Repeat this process until you've gone round the circle. Like this:

Step 5.

Take the razor blade and carefully carve out the outer circle with the inner one in it.

Step 6.

Take the pair of scissors and cut through the marked spots of the outer circle straight unto the inner circle, the cutting should not go beyond the line of the inner circle, try to stop exactly at it to make the stopping points of the cuts more uniform.

Step 7.

After that fold them in and gum them together in a diagonal pattern with top gum or any other gum you have that can hold strong to form something like a paper beret.

Paper beret
Paper beret

Step 8.

After that, cut out a straight thin piece of cardboard from any side of the pink cardboard paper, it should be about 3inches wide and 20inches long.

Step 9.

Fold a quarter (1/4) of the paper to itself like this:

Step 10.

Now, make it round about by joining one end of it to the other to form something like a paper belt. Make sure that the openness of the round belt is just slightly smaller than the blue beret's mouth so that you can fix it a little into the beret's mouth. Before you do that, apply top gum to the lower part of the belt that you are to fix in. It should be something like this:

paper beret
paper beret | Source

Step 11.

Cut out out a shape like the front of a parade cap from the left over part of the former blue cardboard paper like this:

Step 12.

Apply gum to the curved part of it and fix it into the beret's mouth to have something like this.

Paper Parade Cap
Paper Parade Cap | Source

Now you've gotten the basic shape of the parade cap, but then you can still add some extra designs to spice it up to your taste.

One more thing to note is that you can also take measurement of your head and make the construction according to it so that it can fit you properly.

© 2017 Daniel Andrew


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    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 2 months ago from Canada

      I like the simplicity of your design and the beautiful, clear instructional photographs. Nice work.