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How Ugly Web Design Can Ruin Your Success and What To Do About It

Updated on June 17, 2014
Business Failure and Frustration
Business Failure and Frustration | Source

Ugly Websites and What To Do About It

Having an ugly website can mean that you will lose business. Think of it as walking into a broken down house with barbed wire and dead grass on the lawn. If you are trying to sell anything in that broken down house, then chances are that your customers will run away. Web design is the exact same way! Now let us look at some reasons why ugly web design can be devastating to your success.

Reason #1: Ugly Websites Make Your Website Look Untrustworthy

Having an ugly website simply means that your website can look untrustworthy. The reason is because if your website looks like little time has been given to built it, then chances are that your website will have little time for customers. A well designed website can mean that you not only took the time to build it right but also that you are also professional. I hate to see many websites that look like they were built in the 1990's and are still online. The worst part of it all is that websites that are the ugliest are about someone's business or store. By having a great looking website that was not done cheap website design companies, you are going to increase your business and investment in the long run.

Reason #2: Ugly Websites Won't Sell Even If They Represent Great Businesses

This is especially true for people that are completely new to your business. If the business website looks outdated and ugly, people will look around somewhere else. Ugly websites have a high number of people that just click away to never come back. This means lost money for the business. Even if the people that run the business, whether a mom and pop shop or an online store, are great people, the customer will not find out about them because they clicked away!

Reason #3: Ugly Websites Are Horrible With Search Engine Optimization

If the last two reasons were not bad enough, then lacking the support of search engines is like adding insult to injury. Ugly websites are much less likely to be ranked by Google, especially in the face of fierce competition. Ugly websites are usually not mobile friendly and user friendly. This makes Google look at these websites as less favorable to rank for there users because it knows that the website will do little good for it's users. This is why quality websites matter just like good business matters in real life.

What To Do About It

Fixing an ugly website is not easy but can be done. You just have to redesign it or find a willing professional that will do it for you for the right price. Hiring a very cheap web designer from somewhere online won't cut it. Go to professionals and see what they have to offer. Remember, having a good website might cost a lot to build but it will bring a lot business in the future! So either learn web design on your own and rebuild your website or hire someone. If you want to learn web design, then I highly suggest you read a book on it. Reading books has helped me learn and it is a great resource when needing to go back and look for information. The book I highly recommend for beginners is called "Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics" by Jennifer Robbins. It will help you in the long run because once you have the knowledge, you can repeat the success over and over again for your business.

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