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How to Arrange Artificial Silk Flowers

Updated on July 16, 2011
Arranging Artificial Silk Flowers is Great Fun
Arranging Artificial Silk Flowers is Great Fun

Most people are not floral arrangers or designers, and prefer to let experts create their artificial silk flowers and floral arrangements, confident that they will assemble the perfect silk flower arrangement to complement their interior design theme or send as a gift. A specialist silk plant company using professional designers to arrange bouquets, artfully and skillfully, will ensure that your silk arrangements are elegant, energetic, and beautiful

Rose buds are amongst the most popular artificial silk flowers
Rose buds are amongst the most popular artificial silk flowers

How To Arrange Artificial Silk Flowers As A Hobby

However, many people love to arrange flowers as a hobby, and embrace the challenge of creating their own floral displays, allowing them to inject a little of their personality into every single arrangement. Buying loose stems and a little equipment from a specialist silk plants company will allow you to enjoy the ancient art of flower arranging, a truly addictive pastime. If you are unsure about how to arrange artificial silk flowers, here are a few tips:

  1. Select an elegant vase or silk flower container to complement your design. In most cases, a tall, slender glass vase works best, and shows off your silk flower stems beautifully.
  2. Choose a primary flower, often called the focal flower, to form the backbone of your display. Most silk flower retailers allow you to purchase individual stems at various stages of growth, giving you a great deal of flexibility with the arrangement. For example, you can buy full open roses, medium roses, and rose buds, letting you create a layered, three-dimensional effect.
  3. Alternatively, instead of selecting flowers at various stages of growth, you can select three complementary shades of the same plant, such as three different colors of lilac
  4. Once you have established what you want to use as your focal flower, you can begin preparing the single silk flowers, using heavy gauge wire cutters to trim the stems to their carrying lengths. Ideally, you should start with the tallest artificial flower and cut each flower individually, to give the impression of a bouquet in the vase. You can also decide whether to put the tallest flower in the centre or at the rear of the bouquet; this depends upon whether the silk flower arrangement will sit in the center of a table or against a wall.
  5. In many cases, especially with ‘strong colors,’ a ‘filler flower’ mixed in with the primary, focal flowers makes for a more interesting bouquet. Contrasting green foliage, such as a curly willow branch, or a gypsophila for fullness, can carry a flower arrangement into the realm of the truly sublime.
  6. Try to keep it simple and sweet; using too many shades and varieties of flower makes the display ‘too noisy,’ and you risk losing the message. Many of the most striking designs have a single flower type, relying on the beauty and elegance of the flowers to make the statement.
  7. Many people add glass marbles or colored gems to the bottom of the vase, which, apart from adding to the beauty of the silk flower arrangement, also keep the fake flowers in place and conceal the bottoms of the stems.

Try some beautiful gladiolus artificial silk flowers
Try some beautiful gladiolus artificial silk flowers

Why Arrange Artificial Silk Flowers - The Benefits

The main advantage of using these silk arrangements is that they are not fixed and, because they are only loosely fixed in the vase, you can add and remove individual flowers at will, as the seasons change or if you want a fresh look. For example, you could use forsythia or cherry blossom in the spring, bright peonies in the late spring, and sunflowers and daisies in the summer. You really are limited only by your own imagination and can change and augment your silk arrangement as often as you like.

Apart from being a fun pastime and a chance to show your artistic talent, silk flower arranging saves you money, because you can reuse your vases and flowers to make new, fresh arrangements as your skill develops. It really is an addictive hobby, and many silk flower enthusiasts soon start making bouquets and floral arrangements for friends and family.

If you want to enter the delightful world of flower arranging, buying high-quality silk flowers is essential, because the cheaper varieties often lack detail and do not have robust, high-quality wire stemming. The highest quality silk single flower stems are hand airbrushed, making every single one truly unique, ensuring that your artificial silk flowers designs are a powerful display of your artistry and skill.


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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 3 years ago from Ljubljana

      I love silk. It's gentle and classy just like real flowers, but much more durable. Price is pretty affordable as well. Thanks for all the tips!

    • ajknight13 profile image

      ajknight13 7 years ago from Rexburg, Idaho

      great article on arranging flowers yourself. The clear crisp writing really makes it easy to understand. Creating beautiful flower arrangements is easy with this detailed, colorful article.