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How to Compliment Your Home With Landscape Design

Updated on November 30, 2015

Top Home Landscaping Ideas

When decorating and designing your home the backyard designs are usually the last to receive any attention, if at all. This is the opposite of what should happen though. By paying attention to your landscaping design you can add a great deal to the overall look and feel of your house. The Landscape design can complement your house with a clever use of pathways, lawns or plants. Choosing the right plants, flowers and shrubs can add extra depth and color and even entice your guests with welcoming fragrance.

It is possible to create a beautiful yard without employing a specialized landscaper. It may seem daunting at first but armed with a little knowledge of your budget, skill level, personal taste and even a knowledge of your climate and soil, there are some handy hints and tips for backyard landscaping which can be applied to help you do-it-yourself successfully.

A Garden for All Seasons

Your space needs to be interesting all year round. This means preparing for all seasons with a well-researched plan, selecting appropriate plants. Your main aim is to have plants blooming year round, whether they are blossoming flowers in spring or beautiful colored trees in the fall.

Size Matters for Landscape Design

Knowing the expected growing heights of your plants will help you to structure your beds effectively. The best design for home landscape is to plant three rows deep, in height order. The tallest plants will stand proud at the back and the shortest at the front. A repeating pattern works best to provide nice symmetry.

Think Green for Winter

As mentioned earlier, when preparing for all seasons this includes winter. Your garden does not need to look bleak. Plan ahead and add evergreen trees for color and added interest. They will also add structure to an otherwise bare space.

Use Annuals as a Gap-filler

When planting your beds with beautiful, blooming perennials it is wise to think also of what your garden will look like when they are not in bloom. If you plan ahead you can add annuals to appear during your perennials off season, to give continuous color.

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Don’t Forget the Hardscape

Creative landscaping is not just about the plants but also about the fixtures and fittings that compliment them. Just as planting trees can add structure and shape to a space, so can hardscape features. As with evergreens, they can also add dimension to a winter garden. Think about fences and walls, decking and arbors, paths and patios. All can create added interest and depth, drawing the eye towards other features or making a softer transition from indoors to out.

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Water Features Are not as Difficult as You May Think

Water features make for fantastic focal points in the garden. They also have the added sensory benefit of being not only visually appealing, but also offer a wonderful calming sound. As a novice to installing a water feature, you may start off with a simple pond, using a durable, pre-formed liner and easy to install pump. Once you realize how easy it is you may choose to venture on to a waterfall feature leading onto your pond.

Use Foliage for Texture

It is easy to get carried away with planting flowers but it is important to notice not only the color of their blooms, but also their foliage. Foliage can be varied around your garden to create different textures as well as color. Not all evergreens are actually green remember. Even if your plant does not flower, the varying shades of the foliage of your plants will still add plenty of interest and beauty.

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Plan for Low Maintenance

It is all well and good designing and creating a beautiful, landscaped garden. You need to remember that in order for it to stay the way you envisaged all year round you will need to maintain it. If your garden causes you too much hard work, or is impossible to maintain if you can’t commit to weekly pruning and weeding, you may need to rethink your landscape design. If you plan this into the design in the first place you will not come to resent your garden over time.

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