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A Homemade Baby Book

Updated on February 18, 2018

Homemade Baby Book

How to create your Own baby book..

We can buy lots of beautiful baby book in malls, bookstores, and baby companies. But if you're creative enough and artistic in some ways you can create your own baby book made up of some recycled materials that are just needed to be thrown away.

Yes, I knew that all moms want their babies scrapbooks and baby books to be extra special. So when they grow old they can look back to those memories that their moms have kept for so many years. Others probably would say, 'oh it's a time consuming' or 'why should I make one when I can buy a good one?'. Indeed! But I am giving you three good enough reasons why you would want to create one afterall.

First. It is environmental friendly. Instead of throwing the empty boxes and paper bags to garbage bins, why don't you try to recycle and reuse it. You can make one beautiufl baby book out of those materials. That case, you can be able to declutter and keep your house out of mess even just a little.

"What?? How come when you are actually telling us to cut some cardboards. Is that what you call decluttering?"

Okay, I'm sorry but that would take you only half an hour or less if you want. You only have to act right away and keep all the materials needed for your project on a place well organized and always remember to keep out of reach of your children. Then discard those that aren't needed anymore.

Second. It is less expensive. Yes, less expensive but it can be more beautiful and presentable if you desire it too. If you'll only notice those cheaper products which you can buy from the outside, not all were really carefully crafted. Plus it gives you an additional cost to buy every thing that you want to attach on your baby book like the embellishments and scrapbook stickers and many others. You can buy those highly crafted baby scrapbooks, why not? But do you think it is practical on your budget?

Third. It helps boost your artistic talent. When you go out just to find babybook or baby scrapbook for your child, you'll find out that nothing suits your taste best. Then you'll end up buying too many items that would cost you much. Never mind, cause that would make your child's most wonderful and priceless possession, in time. But, is it practical?

Okay, if you think I did not convince you, then I will now let you judge my homemade baby book. Feel free to criticize. But I'm proud to tell you this isn't my first homemade baby book. If you think I deserve a fair judgement, then you'll have to visit my next hub on how to create a homemade baby book 2 (soon).


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cuttercutterpuncher and eyelet setterscissorsglue gun
cutter | Source
cutter | Source
puncher and eyelet setter
puncher and eyelet setter | Source
scissors | Source
glue gun
glue gun | Source

Tools Needed

  1. Scissors
  2. Cutter
  3. Puncher
  4. Eyelet Setter
  5. Glue gun /glue stick


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eyeletscircular ringsdouble adhesive tapecolorful cardstockprinted cardstockmagic tape
eyelets | Source
circular rings
circular rings | Source
double adhesive tape
double adhesive tape | Source
colorful cardstock
colorful cardstock | Source
printed cardstock
printed cardstock | Source
magic tape
magic tape | Source

Materials Needed

  1. Eyelet
  2. Circular Ring
  3. Double Adhesive Tape
  4. Colorful cardstock
  5. Printed cardstock
  6. Magnetic tape

Reuse and Recycle

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empty boxboxbrown paper bag
empty box
empty box | Source
box | Source
brown paper bag
brown paper bag | Source


  1. Carton /used cardboards
  2. Recycled paper bags

Step by step picture guide:

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How To Do It?

  • Cut an empty carton or cardboard. Measure a size about 7 inches x 9 inches
  • Cover it with a recycled paper bag (You need to cover the board with a brown paper bag to hide the corrugated side)
  • Use a glue or double adhesive tape to attach corners.
  • Cut a card stock to cover both sides of the cardboard.
  • Do the same thing with the front cover and back cover.
  • Make 5 covered pages with same sizes.(Its optional cause you can make more pages if you want only remember to choose the right size of a circular ring binder).
  • Measure the bottom cover about 7 inches x 11 1/2 inches or;
  • At least measure the bottom cover 3- 3 1/2 inches longer than than first five pages
  • Puch three holes at the left side.
  • Insert an eyelet and set it with setter.
  • Use the circular ring binder to attached pages.
  • Use a glue gun to attach the magnetic tape on your baby book or a sticky double adhesive tape to alternate.
  • Use magnetic tape to close or lock the book.

A Homemade Baby Book

A Homemage Baby Book
A Homemage Baby Book | Source
A Homemage Baby Book
A Homemage Baby Book | Source
A Homemage Baby Book
A Homemage Baby Book | Source
A Homemage Baby Book
A Homemage Baby Book | Source

It's so easy and so much fun to make. You could even give it as a baby shower gift for expectant moms or to your kids who love to make scrapbook album of their own.

Rate my Homemade Baby Book.

5 stars for A Homemade Baby Book

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    • agapsikap profile image

      agapsikap 4 years ago from Philippines

      As always, thank for showing me your support everytime. I appreciate you more and more. Thank you for voting and sharing.

    • janetwrites profile image

      Janet Giessl 4 years ago from Georgia country

      Agapsikap, your environment- friendly baby book looks great and your instructions are well-presented and clear. It's also a great idea to use material you may reuse and recycle. Thank you for sharing this and also for linking to my hub. Though there are many articles and ideas about scrapbooking it will aways remain an interesting topic for parents and those who are interested in crafts. I'm looking forward to read your other hubs related to this topic. Voted up, useful, interesting, beautiful and shared.