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How to Create Your Own Fairy Dust Necklace

Updated on August 12, 2015
Pink Fairy
Pink Fairy | Source

This is a really easy and fun craft project. Make these faery/fairy dust vials as party favors for a fairy tale party, or as a sweet friendship gift for friends, or on days where you feel like you need a little magic and extra luck in your life (we all have days like that, don't we!). Make bigger bottles of fairy dust to use as decorations and ornaments. Be creative and have fun!

For more fairy-related tutorials and inspiration check out my Fairy Costume Pinterest board.

How to make a fairy/faery dust necklace.
How to make a fairy/faery dust necklace.

Corked Vials/Bottles

Corked Vials by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 9 Glass Bottles, Various Sizes, Clear, TH92899
Corked Vials by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 9 Glass Bottles, Various Sizes, Clear, TH92899
Corked vials or bottles may be hard to find in craft stores or around, but you can find lots of different corked vials and bottles online from Amazon.

How to Make a Faery/Fairy Dust Necklace


  • Small Corked Bottle/Vial
  • Glitter and/or Coloured Sand
  • An Eye Hook
  • Chain and Jump Ring, Cord, or Ribbon
  • Piece of Paper
  • Super or Very Strong Glue
  • (optional) Wire, Wire Cutter, and Pliers
  • (optional) Fairy/Faery charm or some other magical charm

Uncork your bottle/vial. Decide what you want your fairy dust to look like; all glittery? All sandy? Or maybe a combination of both? Get your glitter/sand ready and use your piece of paper to pour your glitter/sand in the bottle/vial.

Screw your eye hook into the top of the cork carefully. Make sure it's nice and secure.

Take your cork and add a little glue around it, unless you want to be able to open it again. Then cork the bottle.

String ribbon or cord through the eye hook or add the jump ring and chain.

You can also wire wrap you fairy/faery dust bottle and attach cute charms to the eye hook or wire wrap.

Have fun and be creative!

Floral headdress, Wire hanger wings, stocking jewelry
Floral headdress, Wire hanger wings, stocking jewelry | Source

More Fairy Accessories

Fairy Wings

You can create pretty fairy wings using stockings and pantyhose. Check out my hub on how to make fairy wings to learn how and to learn other great ways to make your own fairy wings.

Floral Headdress

To make one of these you'll need a flat bead band, green felt, plenty of fake flowers (with leaves, stems, and berries), hot glue gun, scissors, ribbon, and any other accents you'd like to add.

Start by gluing long strands of ribbon at the ends of the flat headband. Then cut the felt out in a foliage form and hot glue that along the top of the headband.

Now clip stems, leaves, berries, and accents and glue them on top of the felt. Add the flowers and continue to glue on little details until your headdress is nice and full.

Fairy Jewelry

I mentioned this is my fairy wing hub, but here it is again. Take strips of sheer panty hose fabric and string pearls on it. You can create pretty bracelets and necklaces this way. You can also use this to wear your fairy dust bottle!

Cookie Jar Charm

Polymer Clay Rainbow Charm

Alice in Wonderland Charm Necklace

Terrarium Bottle Charm

More Corked Necklace Ideas

Here are some alternative ideas to creating corked bottle/vial necklaces:

  • Fill with pixie sticks (or candy sand) for a sweet treat.

  • Create sand art in your bottles--but try not to shake it too much!

  • Find a tiny faery/fairy figure that can fit into the bottle or make one out of polymer clay. Put the faery in the bottle and enjoy an unlimited supply of fairy dust since you have your own fairy!

  • Use seed beads or very tiny beads instead of glitter or sand.

  • Put in sand with tiny shells for an island feel. Even better if it's sand and shells from a vacation! These make such sweet souvenirs and keepsakes.

  • Fill with colourful liquids or glitter water to represent potions--or blood.

  • Store needle, thread, and small notions in the bottles and wear them so you always have them on hand when you need them--or just to represent your love of sewing and crafts :)

  • Stipple glow-in-the-dark paint on to the vial. When it's dark it will look like you have some sort of glowing substance in the vial.

  • Put feathers in the vial for something different, or say it's from a phoenix! Put silver hair (from an inexpensive Halloween wig) in to represent unicorn hair.

  • For something more edgy and boyish, find or make little polymer clay skeletons, teeth, or claws and put those in the bottles.

  • You can really make or find charms of just about anything for these--even little cupcakes, cherries, or even mermaids if you like.

  • Use these corked bottles to tote around your lucky stars.

  • Make earrings with tiny vials.

  • Instead of using ribbon, cord, or a necklace, make a pretty beaded necklace for your bottle charm to hang on.

  • Write a wish or prayer on a piece of paper, roll it up, put it in the bottle, and wear it until it comes true. Or write a prayer, blessing, or protection spell for someone else and give it to them as a gift.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you. There's no wrong way to make these and it's such a simple project, so the possibilities are truly endless!

Borders by Samantha Harris
Borders by Samantha Harris


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