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How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop in 6 Simple Steps

Updated on February 21, 2016

1. Create a Transparent Canvas

Hey there, if you're looking to create more professional pictures and marketing materials, I'm here to save you time in creating a watermark.

If you prefer a video tutorial, view my Youtube tutorial here.

All you need is Photoshop and 5 minutes. Ready? Let's go.

Open Photoshop and click on your "file" button at the top left of your screen. Select "new" and then choose a canvas size, resolution, and ensure you change the background selection to "transparent".

This is important because when you 'overlay' your watermark it will not have big white background. Only your visual image will show--without a big ol' ugly square behind it!

2. Use Photoshop Brushes To Create Visuals

Select your brush tool on the left side of your screen and choose a brush visual you like. In my picture I have a sun brush, however; I downloaded it online. Photoshop comes with limited brushes to choose from. But don't despair-you can find a bunch of free brushes online just by searching "free photoshop brushes" ! However; it helps to have an idea in mind, such as 'sun' or 'leaf' brushes to type in your description when searching. One of my favorite sites to download free brushes at Brush Eezy.

3. Add Text to Your Visual

Next, click your "T" for text tool on the left side of your screen. Select the font box to change your font. Again, you don't have to be limited to the standard fonts within Photoshop. If you are seeking a specific 'look', just Google it! For instance, this font type I searched for "feminine Photoshop font" and downloaded it from 1001 Fonts. Once you download it, you will right click the font folder, and click 'install' and it will instantly be available in your font selection.

**Tip: if you want to include a copyright symbol, just hold the Alt key while typing 0169!

4. Change the Color

I included this as a step because if you start out using white you are unable to 'see' what you are creating. So I usually create mine in black first.

Next, you right click your text layers on the right side of your screen and select 'rasterize'. This is important so you can merge them into one layer. Next, right-click each layer and select 'merge down'.

Then, go to the top of your screen to Layer, Layer Style, and choose "Color Overlay". Select the color you want, and voila! Your entire watermark color has changed to what you selected.

I usually create a few different colors because some photos will have too much white to use the white, and others will be too dark to use the black. Make sense?

Then let's get to saving your creation!

5. Save For Web

Next, you'll go to '"File" at the top left of your screen, scroll down and select "Save for Web". This will save the file as a PNG and make it available for use immediately.

You can save one, do another color overlay, and save again for each color.

I typically name mine with the color reference, i.e "Watermark White".

Finally, you'll have a watermark you can import into your photo editing software and leave your 'mark'!

6. Import Your WaterMark Into Your Photo Editing Software

I use LightRoom to edit photos. If you are interested in using LightRoom, Adobe has a creative cloud plan for photographers. It comes with Photoshop and Lightroom for around $10 buckaroos a month!

After saving, open LightRoom, click "edit" at the top, and scroll down to "edit watermarks". From there you can select to 'choose an image'. Import your image and choose your anchor and opacity level and save. Do this for each color you saved. Done!

Now each time you export a photo, you can choose which watermark to place on your photo.

Need help with this step? Read my article on importing your watermark into LightRoom here.

Look at you, getting all professional! Nice!

My white watermark with lowered opacity anchored through Light Room. I used several brushes combined with text.
My white watermark with lowered opacity anchored through Light Room. I used several brushes combined with text.

My YouTube Tutorial

Any additional tips you want to add to help others? Join the convo below in the comments!

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    • Tara Mapes profile image

      Tara Mapes 23 months ago

      So happy to help! If you think of any other useful tips, let me know and I'll make a quick tutorial :)

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 23 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Excellent hub and very helpful on how to create a simple watermark in photoshop. I was looking for this information and would be using it as per your suggestions.

      Pinned on my board for future reference. Thank you!