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How to Create the Best Photography Portfolio

Updated on November 22, 2011

Choosing a Display Book

Display books come in various sizes and display options. You won't want to use a book any smaller than 8x10. If you need it to be very portable, this might be the right size for you. Although, to make an impact, I would recommend an 11x14 photography portfolio to display your work. Most books will have top-loading pockets that will protect the photos from damage, spills, moisture and dust. Some portfolios offer the option to display photos while standing up for easy presentation. For a more polished look, display photos in a leather portfolio.

Selecting Your Best Photography

Even if you're just getting started, it is easy to create a portfolio from images that have not been used professionally. You are simply trying to convey your talent and it doesn't take work experience to show that you've got what it takes. Start by choosing 20-30 of your best photographs or pictures that are related to the type of work that you are seeking or keep them in line with a similar theme. If you haven't got enough to fill the portfolio, go out and take some. If you're looking to do portraiture, ask a friend to model for you. If you want to get into still-life or nature photography, the world is at your fingertips. Take the time to create memorable photographs and display them professionally with your portfolio. It is also a good idea to get the opinion of a professional to be sure that the photos you have selected are worth adding to the collection.

Have Photos Professionally Printed

Make sure to send your images to a reliable printing company to ensure that you are presenting the best quality photographs. Before sending off, be sure to look closely at your photo to determine that each image is sharp and without flaw. Because this is supposed to be a display of your finest work, you cannot settle for imperfections. Do not settle for the idea that more is better. Just ensure that the photos that you do select are top quality from selection to printing.

Be Creative

Show your personality through your photography and the way that you present your work. If you can think of a creative way to display your photos, go for it -- just don't go overboard. You don't want to distract from the quality of your work. Instead of a portfolio, you may choose to mount each photo to display mats or collect them in an archival photo box. Either way, choose something that you're comfortable displaying and be creative with it. Another good idea is to keep a digital copy of your photographs handy in case your client would like to see this format. But do not use this as a substitute for a physical display because a portfolio of photographs will make the greatest impact.


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    • Purple Turtle profile image

      Purple Turtle 6 years ago from Home

      This hub will make for a great resource for anyone who is interested in taking their photography to the next level by developing a personal Photography Portfolio.

    • profile image

      vvaleed 6 years ago

      this a complete hub for anyone who is interested in photography! i've read it twice and i think there is nothing else to say about photography after reading this hub...WELL DONE Mberg!!