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How to Crochet - Step One - Learn to Make a Crocheted Chain

Updated on February 27, 2009

Crocheting: Why do you need to know how to make a chain?


A crocheted starting chain (also referred to as a foundation chain) is used to begin crochet patterns. In addition to being an essential start to all patterns, chains are often used within rows or rounds to create part of the finished look of crochet designs. Knowing how to make a crocheted chain is the first step in learning how to crochet. My step-by-step photo tutorial can make this easy for you to learn. Begin with step 1 below ...

Steps to Learn How to Crochet a Chain

This photo illustrates Step 1. See instructions below.
This photo illustrates Step 1. See instructions below.

Materials to Start With:

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need some yarn and a crochet hook. The easiest materials for a very beginner to use are worsted weight yarn and a US size H crochet hook. I would recommend using a plain yarn in a solid color (not a novelty yarn or multicolor yarn) while you are learning crochet basics. Also, a lighter color of yarn makes it easier for you to see the stitches, while you are getting used to making basic crochet stitches.

Step 1 - Begin by wrapping the yarn around your finger to form a circle (this makes a loop to use in the next step). This loop is shown on the right-hand side of the photo above. It is important to leave a length of yarn beyond the circle (this will be left hanging as you crochet and will be woven in when you are finished crocheting the piece.) Five or six inches of length works well. Weaving in this length later secures the end so that it will not unravel over time.

Steps 2 - 4

Follow the photo above left to right, for steps 2 to 4. Photos go along with the explanations that follow:
Follow the photo above left to right, for steps 2 to 4. Photos go along with the explanations that follow:

Step 2 - In preparation to pull this yarn through the center of the circle, fold one side of the yarn down so that it is lined up in the center of the circle.

Step 3 - Pull the yarn through the center of the circle, by pulling on the yarn with your fingers or with a crochet hook (you have made the first loop).

Step 4 - Insert the crochet hook through the loop that you have just made.

Steps 5 - 7

Follow the photo left to right, to go along with the instructions for steps 5 - 7 given below.
Follow the photo left to right, to go along with the instructions for steps 5 - 7 given below.

Step 5: Draw the loop up a little bit tighter by pulling with your fingers on the strands of yarn on both sides of the loop (without pulling it too tight; it will be easier to pull the next loop through for the next chain, if this loop isn't overly tight). With a little practice, you'll be used to the amount of looseness or tightness of the loop that will be easiest for you to work with. After you've done this for awhile, you'll hardly have to think about that part; it will just be automatic.

Step 6: Wrap the yarn over the crochet hook (refer to the center photo above). When you begin to use crochet patterns, this is referred to as "yarn over" or "yarn over hook". The abbreviation for that is "yo".

Step 7: Pull the yarn through the loop on the hook (one more chain made). Hint: Hold the last chain made between two fingers to keep it from drawing up smaller while you are pulling the next chain through. If you make your chains too tight, you'll find that you'll have difficulty in working the next row into these chains. If you keep your chains loose enough, crocheting the next row can be more enjoyable for you.

Making Additional Chains

Repeating Steps 6 and 7


Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each additional chain that you want to make. When you begin working from patterns, the instructions will tell you the number of chains needed in the starting chain for the pattern you are making.

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