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How to Crochet a Bath or Shower Scrubby

Updated on September 26, 2017
Circle Scrubby
Circle Scrubby | Source

Scrubbies can be used instead of cotton wipes to remove make up and also to wash your face. You can make them in all different shapes, but the most basic and popular shape is a circle.

This project is good for beginners because you can practice working in rounds, it's quick to make, and it's okay if it isn't perfect. The end product should fit in the palm of your hand.


  • Cotton yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Ch 2

Ch 2 in second chain from the hook

11 DC in same stitch (crochet over tail)

Slip stitch at top of first chain 2

2 DC in next stitch, 1 DC in next stitch, repeat around.

Slip stitch at the top of Chain 2 to close off round.

Secure and clip, leaving a tail.

Use your yarn needle to weave tail back and forth through scrubby at least 3 times, then clip off excess.

Clip off any excess from starting tail and enjoy!

You can try making these with single stitches or half double stitches. You can also use multicoloured yarn or do each round in a different color. Try different shapes and styles, just attempt to keep them at a size that fits in the palm of your hand.

Crochet Soap Sack/Saver

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Decorative Soap Saver/Soap Sack of a LionTeddy Bear Soap Sack/Soap SaverMermaid Soap Saver/Soap Sack
Decorative Soap Saver/Soap Sack of a Lion
Decorative Soap Saver/Soap Sack of a Lion | Source
Teddy Bear Soap Sack/Soap Saver
Teddy Bear Soap Sack/Soap Saver | Source
Mermaid Soap Saver/Soap Sack
Mermaid Soap Saver/Soap Sack | Source

Decorative Soap Sacks

Here are some tips on how I made my more decorative soap sacks.


For this I started with a colour for the tail, then I switched to a flesh tone colour, then lastly I worked with a hair colour.

When I got to the hair colour I added a few more rows after my DC row for the rope to make the hair look long.

I made the arms the same way I made the soap sack, except on a smaller scale and sewed them on to the sack.

I made two circles, sewed them in half, and sewed them on to the sack for fins.

Lastly, I embroidered the faces and sea bras.


I started with a tan base for the snout and switched to a dark brown base for the head. I also used tan and black for a black bear and tan and white for a polar bear. These get mistaken for dogs too, so you can really just use your imagination and use colours and embroidery to get the animal face you want.

I just embroidered the face after I finished the sack. Then for the ears I crocheted two circles, folded them in half and sewed them in a curve on the bear's head.


I went through the same steps as the bear, except to add the main I did loop stitches across the top of the head for bangs, then 3 rows of chains of 5 around the head of the lion.

I started making these when I began working at a handmade soap boutique. Soap Savers get your soap bars to create a great lather, help your soaps dry quickly so they don't melt as fast, and they feel amazing on your skin! Now that I started using one, I find it hard to go back to using scratchy mesh poufs.

This is another great beginner project since it doesn't need to be perfect. I would suggest keeping a bar of soap with you while you work so you can see how it'll fit. It should fit pretty snugly in the sack since the sack stretches and the soap will get smaller over time.


  • Cotton yarn
  • Crochet hook (I like to use a J10 the most for these, but it's up to you really)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • (optional) Bar of soap
  • (optional) Ribbon or Rope

I think having a bar of soap on hand is a good way to make sure your dimensions are where they need to be.

Start your sack by chaining 8 or chaining the width of your bar of soap (or about 2.5in.), then chain an extra 2.

HDC in the back loop of the third chain from the hook. Then continue to HDC in every back loop stitch after.

Turn and continue to HDC in the loop you left behind.

HDC in the top stitch of the first chain 2.

Continue to do HDC rounds until your sack is the length of the soap bar (or about 3.25in).

DC one round.

HDC one round.

SC one round, then fasten off.

Using yarn needle, weave ends into the sack.

You can weave rope or ribbon through the DC round. Or chain 70, fasten off and use that as your rope.

Tie ends of rope. Put in your soap bar. Pull closed. And you're done!

Since this is a fairly simple project there is a lot of room for embellishment. I've made a polar bear, bear, lion, and some mermaids. You can also experiment with colours and embroidery.

This is also a simple way to make a pouch or gift bag with other types of yarn.

Crochet Pouf

Crochet Pouf/Loofah
Crochet Pouf/Loofah | Source

These feel so nice when you're washing! Personally, I think the fuller they are the better they feel, but this project eats up lots of yarn so make sure you have plenty to use. I've done this project by using a base colour, like white, tan, or black and then crocheting on top with prettier patterned yarns--since you can find solid colour cotton yarn in bulk a lot easier than the tie dye type yarns.

Like the other two projects, this is is a fine beginner project, as long as you're comfortable with double crochet.


  • Plenty of cotton yarn
  • crochet hook
  • crochet needle

Ch 2

Ch 2 in second stitch from the hook. DC 20 to 30 stitches.*

DC 6 at the top of the first ch2, then DC6 in every stitch around. Do this for at least 2 to 3 rounds, or until you are content with the shape and fullness of your pouf.

Slip stitch last stitch you made to the center of the pouf. Then chain around 70 to create handle.

Slip stitch in center of the hoop and fasten off. Use hook or yarn needle to weave ends into the work.

*If you want a fuller pouf, add 30 or so double crochets in the beginning, and 6 double crochet in each stitch. If you want a not as full pouf, I wouldn't do less than 20 with 6 double crochet in each stitch or 25 with 5 double crochet--otherwise it just gets too floppy, more like a weird washcloth than a pouf.

Some of the soap savers and poufs I have for sale at Edelweiss Soap Company.
Some of the soap savers and poufs I have for sale at Edelweiss Soap Company. | Source

More Crochet Bath Goodies

Now that you've got started on some basic crochet bath projects, check out these tutorials!

Tawashi - These are Japanese sponges. Instead of spending money on disposable sponges, you can crochet your own that you can just throw in the laundry when it gets gross--instead of throwing it away! Use coarser yarn for extra scrubbing power.

When you buy Lily Sugar 'n' Cream or Aunt Lydia's cotton yarn they almost always come with some sort of wash cloth, bath mitt, or baby bootie pattern. So don't throw away they labels before checking to see if it's a pattern you like first!

Also, many craft stores that sell yarn have free patterns on little sheets just sitting on the shelves to be taken home, so keep an eye out.

You can also check out my crochet Pinterest board for any tutorials and projects I come across and love!


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    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      7 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Shower scrubbies are a superb idea! I'm ready for a new knitting project and this just might be it, once I find the time. Thanks for planting the suggestion seed! :)


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