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How to Crochet a Simple Bikini Top, Steps and Instructions

Updated on March 19, 2016


This pattern in very versatile and can be used with different sized hooks and cotton. I have even used poly yarn just to see how it worked.

You will need basic knowledge of crocheting for this project. If you don't know how to crochet please look at the many videos and online instructions available and get some practice under your belt. This is a fairly simple pattern and will make a good first project for a beginner.

Supplies: Crochet cotton and appropriate sized hook.

Step 1

Crochet a chain stitch the desired width, across the bottom of one of the cups for the bikini.

Step 2

Crochet using a single stitch across the chain. The trick here is to skip a stitch with each sweep of crocheting. This creates the triangle for the cup of the bikini top. For example if you were crocheting a square panel you would add a stitch at the end of each row so the panel would be square... don't do that... just finis a row and turn it around and start the next. When you reach the top of the triangle you will then crochet a single stitch around the entire triangle to create a finished border. At the top of the triangle you will then continue with a chain stitch the desired length of the necktie for that side.

Step 3

Repeat the above directions for the second cup and neck strap.

Step 4

Start a chain stitch the desired length of the strap for one side that will tie in the back. Using a single crochet stitch crochet along the bottom of the first cup. You will want to lay the cups out to make sure they are both on the correct side. A good way to do this is to make sure the start "tail" (where you started the original chain stitch on each) is facing the same direction.

Once you have crocheted across the bottom of the first cup you will want to start on the second cup. I usually add a few stitches her for width and support. Continue across the bottom of the second cup and finish with a chain stitch on the other side for the second back strap.

Step 5

Weave in any tails and trim them.


You can add beads, buttons or charms to make your bikini top more interesting. You can also use different colored cotton for the border. If you continue to crochet across the bottom of both cups you can create a panel and make it into a halter top. Fringe can also be added. Have fun with this pattern and make it your own.


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