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How to Do Instagram Without iPhone

Updated on March 24, 2012

How to Do Instagram on Your Computer

example of Instagram effect
example of Instagram effect

Use Photoshop to Emulate the Instagram Effects

Using Photoshop, you can emulate the effects of Instagram on your photos. Here are links to a bunch of sites that provide Photoshop Actions. You can browse through them and choose the ones that you want to try. They are all free and quality in my opinion.

Also, below the links there is also some basic instructions on how to use a Photoshop Action for those who have never used one. It is very simple to learn..

Links to Photoshop Actions and Tutorials to do Instagram like Effect:

-Blog Spoon Graphics - good site with lots of Photoshop resources. This link takes you direct to the page with the Instagram Photoshop Actions. Just click the images of the ones you want to use.

-The Tumblog of Daniel Box - an original Action you can download provided by Daniel Box..

-How-To-geek - good tutorial on creating an Instagram effect in Photoshop

-Abduzeedo - another good tutorial...

How to use the Photoshop Actions

-Load Photoshop

-Open your image you want to add the effect to

-On the top menu, click on "Windows" and open the tab that reads "Actions"

-From the "Actions" palette, click the small arrow on the top right and choose "Load Actions"

-Find and click the Action from where you downloaded on your hard drive to load

-After your Action is loaded, click the "Play" button and the effect will be processed.. that's it!


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      tatiana 4 years ago

      tatiana toledo

    • thearbiter0808 profile image

      thearbiter0808 5 years ago

      This is great. Instagram makes you become an instant photo prof. Thank you for sharing!