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How to Download Out of Print Leisure Arts Crochet Patterns on Amazon

Updated on May 4, 2015
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A lifelong crochet and craft enthusiast and a self-published author. I create patterns and have a blog about crochet and other patterns.

Leisure Arts Crochet Patterns on Amazon

Out of print books and patterns can be downloaded on Amazon
Out of print books and patterns can be downloaded on Amazon | Source

Leisure Arts Patterns on Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has had a variety of crochet, knitting, craft patterns books and individual patterns available for a while now. Recently, Leisure Arts has been adding in their pattern books to download along with a few of their out of print books and patterns.

The great thing about downloading the patterns from Amazon is that you can take them with you on your tablet or Kindle anywhere you go. Plus in addition to Leisure Arts having their newest books available to check out they began adding some of our all time favorites back as downloads.

While you may not be able to still get your favorite pattern books in print unless you can find them on eBay or other sources, Leisure Arts has made it easy to find them on Amazon Kindle. Patterns such as quick afghans to crochet, crochet fashion doll patterns, prayer shawls, and other patterns are now available.

One of the nice things about being able to download individual patterns is that you can get one pattern at a time instead of downloading an entire book just to get the pattern you wanted.

On the other hand it's a nice option to be able to get a pattern immediately on your computer, tablet or phone. Especially if it's a pattern you had years ago and may have lost or gave away because you never thought you would use it again!

Crochet eBooks on Amazon

Amazon carries a vast variety of eBooks on their site. Some of the best crochet patterns can be found and now that Leisure Arts is beginning to provide their out of print books there are several more patterns added on a regular basis.

A hard to find crochet afghan pattern can be much easier to find now that you can do a search on the Amazon site. There are additional publishers and authors that are starting to see the benefit of submitting their books on Kindle also and many of them are bringing back some of our favorite patterns.

In addition to the vast variety of crochet patterns available there are several knitting patterns, plastic canvas, quilting and other patterns that can be found.

The majority of the out of print books and patterns found on Amazon are crochet patterns and books. But always do a search just in case you are looking for a certain pattern it may just be on there but sometimes only in Kindle format.

No Kindle is Required to Download Leisure Arts Patterns

If you already own a Kindle that's great you can start searching for crochet and craft patterns on Amazon right away. If you don't have a Kindle there is no need to worry there is an APP for that!

Yes, you can easily download books and ePatterns on any device using the Free Kindle APP. This includes iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows phones, computers, laptops, tablets and many more.

For the complete list of devices and how to download books or patterns from Amazon on to your computer or tablet just follow the link to the FREE KINDLE APPS found here.

There are many advantages to downloading the APP. For instance you can easily read the first chapter of the book you want to download before purchasing it. Plus there are many free books available to read that you can download. Once you purchase or download a book if you remove it off of your device you can easily download it again on to another device or the same one by logging into your Amazon account.

Out of Print Leisure Arts Patterns

Leisure Arts has out of print patterns available on their website also to download.
Leisure Arts has out of print patterns available on their website also to download. | Source

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Download Leisure Arts Patterns that are out of print

Leisure Arts also makes it easy to find out of print patterns that are no longer available through ePatterns available on their website.

Individual patterns from previous books and magazines can now be easily downloaded as well as out of print books that you may have always wanted them to bring back. These patterns ranges from crochet to knitting and some of your favorite quilting, plastic canvas and cross stitch patterns.

Some of the top downloads including the crochet American flag pattern, crochet baby dress patterns, crochet baby afghans, cross stitch alphabet patterns, knit sweaters, knit afghans, holiday patterns and all time favorite books that can be downloaded.

View all of the out of print Leisure Arts Patterns Here...

No matter what you are looking for there are new patterns added all of the time to the Leisure Arts site and also to Amazon. So be sure to check out the sites on a regular basis in case you are looking for something specific that may just go back into publication soon.

It's so nice to be able not to have to wait until someone decides to sell your favorite old pattern on eBay before you can get it again. Now with the convenience of eBooks and PDF's there are so many more options to having a pattern in your hands and starting it that day!

Organize Your Downloads

It's so convenient and easy now to find the perfect pattern for your next project but before you download any patterns you may want to think about organizing your patterns.

This can be easy creating a folder for each type of craft and categorizing them by hobby and listing. For example create a crochet folder than add sub-folders for afghans, baby items, clothing, fashion dolls, toys, etc.

Make it easy to search for a pattern by naming it or keep the alphabetical. Create special folders for completed projects, other crafts, knitting patterns, sewing patterns, special directions and instructions.

Also, it's always nice when you have completed a project to take a photo of it and label it to remember it. Most of us make our items to give away as gifts so sometimes we forget a few years later some of the items we have made or you may want to use it as a reference to make another one in the future.

Create a photo or a my projects folder and save your pictures and any notes about the pattern and who you gave it to in there. Dates and special thoughts are helpful.

Also you may want to create your own labels so when you give your work away it tells the person who made it and how to take care of it. Create a folder for these also so you can reprint them for future gifts.

Crochet Afghans and More

Afghan Parade is one of the Many eBooks available to download.
Afghan Parade is one of the Many eBooks available to download. | Source

Printed Versions of Old Patterns

No matter what some of us just want to have the printed version of an old pattern and there are still several out of print patterns that just can't be found as a download yet.

The easy way to find your pattern book is on eBay but you can also check out thrift shops, rummage sales, and old book sales to see if there are any interesting patterns available.

A lot of great patterns are in crochet magazines which sites such as Annie's Crafts are making available as downloads also including back issues.

One of the best magazines available in digital format is the Crochet World Collection 2001-2010 DVD which you can play on your computer. Which is 10 years of crochet patterns that is over 1500 patterns on one CD. You would probably never to buy or download another pattern again!

If you are familiar with eBay there are several ways to watch for patterns or search for items as some sellers may have the book you want bundled in with others. Get familiar with how to find items and bid on them without losing the product you want to purchase.

Sometime you can never replace the feeling of holding the book or pattern in your hands so you can make notes right there next to it.

Out of Print Crochet Patterns on eBay

Search for out of print crochet patterns on eBay
Search for out of print crochet patterns on eBay | Source

Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

Craft Patterns to Download

There are several fun and interesting patterns available to download including plastic canvas doll furniture and more. You can easily view these patterns just as you would a regular book or pattern.

If you enjoy making plastic canvas doll furniture for example there are several patterns available for immediate download including bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture.

With the vast variety of patterns to crochet, knit, quilt, sew and more you can easily start a collection or just download one or two patterns to save that you always wanted to have. The sites make it easy and walk you through the download process.

Great Sites to Download Patterns From

  • Amazon Kindle - There are hundreds if not thousands of individual patterns and books to download.
  • Leisure Arts - From out or print patterns to new books and patterns there are crochet, knitting, plastic canvas, sewing, quilting and more.
  • Annie's Crafts - There are lots of ePatterns in a variety of crafts including crochet, knitting, jewelry making, paper crafts, sewing, quilting and more!
  • Craftsy - Many patterns available to download in PDF format from independent designers.
  • Barnes and Noble - The Nook APP lets you download patterns and books from B&N

Downloading Patterns

There are many different ways to download patterns. Through Amazon, Leisure Arts, Annie's Crafts, Craftsy and several smaller sites.

Each site is different depending on where you download from. Amazon is through their Kindle APP and is pretty easy to follow. Leisure Arts and Annie's provides you with information on their site on how they allow you to download their patterns. Craftsy is one of the sites that has patterns from individual designers and patterns are in PDF format.

No matter where you choose to get your patterns from make sure you read up on how to download pattern before you purchase them. I don't know how many times I have read a review from someone complaining they never received their book. Typically this means you have done something incorrect and that would be traumatic, especially if you wanted to start working on your pattern that same day and you have to spend hours learning what went wrong!

Take your time before ordering and find out what the steps are before downloading any eBook or ePattern. You will be happy that you did and enjoy starting on your next project before you know it!

Happy Crafting!!

© 2014 craftdrawer


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