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How to Draw Zoidberg from Futurama

Updated on January 20, 2013
Drawing Zoidberg is pretty easy, even if the drawing is not perfect, what is important is the meme
Drawing Zoidberg is pretty easy, even if the drawing is not perfect, what is important is the meme

I am not a professional artist ( as you can see ), but I've always wanted to draw my favorite memes. Since I am a futurama fan I love the "Why Not Zoidberg?" meme, however I couldn't find any information on how to draw the meme version on the web. That's why I asked myself - I am an article writer, why not write an article about Zoidberg?

So, further further ado, here's how to draw the Zoidberg meme, written by a newbie artist for the newbie artists.

Step 1

Draw a simple bean shape for the base of Zoidberg's head.

Step 2

Draw the eyes ( sorry that mine make him look a bit drunk, but I can't draw at all ). Basically, to do so, draw a curved line in the middle of his face and draw the centers of the eyeballs there. The two circles should be (each) as big as 1/3 of Zoidberg's face in diameter.

Step 3

Draw the tentacles. To help yourself out drwaw a curved line to slit his head in half and draw another one right next to it, the distance between the two line being the same as the width of Zoidberg's face. The tentacles should fill up the space between the two lines. Also don't forget to add the mouth, after you are ready with the tentacles.

Step 4

Time to zoom out a bit. Draw the right side (your left) of Zoidberg's jacket.

Step 5

Erase the additional lines you drew and enhance the main details of Zoidberg.

Step 6

Here comes a bit harder part - drawing the claws of Zoidberg. Start by drawing a few horizontal and vertical curved lines to help you. Look at the poorly taken picture to see how exactly are Zoidberg's claws placed according to the curved lines.

Step 7

Now add the claw's details. They are pretty easy to do after you get the hang of it.

You're Done!

Congratulations! After erasing the additional lines and enhancing the details you have a "Why Not Zoidberg" drawing.

I am sorry that my drawing is a bit imperfect. If any of you can make a better drawing and send me pictures according to the steps I will be very grateful and add links to your profile.

I hope you liked my tutorial and the effort I put in it. Have fun drawing Why Not Zoidberg!

Here's a video on how to draw all the Futurama characters by the creators of Futurama


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