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How to Draw a Cartoon Alien

Updated on May 31, 2013

Yes, You Can Easily Learn How to Draw this Cartoon Alien in Just A few Simple Steps

Through my many years of teaching people to draw, I have learned one thing that is true for everyone - all people have some ability to draw.

I do not believe in talent, although some folks take to drawing more readily than others. I do believe that artistic ability is learned and that anyone can learn to draw.

I don't know you personally, but I do know that if you apply yourself, practice each day for a few minutes, you will get better at drawing eventually. That's true of just about anything in life, right?

I also believe that everyone - including you - has a duty to at least learn to appreciate art, even if not learning to draw. Spend some time getting to know the great painters throughout history and you will learn to see your world in a whole new way.

I know, you may find that hard to believe so let me tell you a quick story about learning to appreciate art. When I met my wife over 30 years ago, she was a classically trained musician on a full scholarship - a wonderful classical singer and opera performer. I was a regular guy from the midwest, quite uncultured. She introduced me to opera, which I couldn't stand at the time, but she loved it.

For her, I found out more about opera and over time I was able to appreciate it, even like it. And it really did change the way I looked at things after that. It changed my inner person, I believe that I became a better person for knowing it. I believe art is the same way IF you learn to appreciate it. Those who learn to appreciate art are transformed - life becomes a whole new and different experience.

Now I can talk all day about this, but if you want to discover if it's true, you're just going to have to get out there and start learning more about art. Hey, why not visit an art museum this weekend, make plans to visit a sculpture garden or head out and see some local art at a craft fair? Who knows, you may be transformed by art, hmm?

In the meantime, get a pencil and paper - let's draw an alien...


Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes First

As with all my drawing tutorials, it's always best to break seemingly complex subjects down into easily drawn basic forms or shapes.

For our alien, let's start with two circular shapes.

At this point, don't be too concerned about the correct size or shape of these forms. Just draw a small oval and a slightly larger circular shape - sort of like a jalapeno pepper.

Step 2: Add the Eyes and Mouth

For this step, you're going to draw two simple circles and a series of curved lines.

Study the drawing to the right for just a moment and draw the shapes and lines you see there.

The two circles will be our alien's eyes and the curved lines below will make up his mouth and teeth.

You can also see I have erased some of the lines from the initial basic shapes.


Step 3: Finish the Eyes

For this step, you're going to draw a slightly curved line across both of the circles you drew in the last step.

Under this line, in each of the two eyes, draw a little half-circle shape and shade it in.

Finally, add some dark, heavy lines above each eye circle.

This is the alien's eyes and eyebrows. By simply changing the position of the eyebrows, you can change the look of your alien. The drawing is really starting to take shape now.


Step 4: Add the Arms

I decided to show a close-up of my drawing so you can see the details of his arm.

Notice that this arm is simply made up of several different shapes. Don't be intimidated because it looks difficult or complex - it's just a collection of easily drawable shapes.

Carefully study the drawing and then draw the arm on your alien.


Step 5: Add Other Arm and Ray Gun

Now how many chances do you get in life to draw a ray gun?

Again, this may look like a complex drawing - but don't let that scare you! Remember, simple shapes.

You can't see both of them in this picture, but I have also added two antenna on the top of his head.

Study the drawing and try to draw what you see there in my drawing.


Step 6: Legs and Feet

For this step, let's give our alien something to stand on.

Legs are just long, thin, irregularly shaped rectangles. Same with the feet and toes only they have a bump on one end.

Study the picture to the right carefully and try to draw what you see in my drawing.


Finishing Touches

Finally, add some spots and some strategic shading to your alien.

By this time, your alien should have a real look of completion.

Remember, drawing comes easy for some folks, and is a bit of a challenge for others. The key is to try and keep at it, practicing a few minutes each and every day.

That's what I did for more than 50 years - and I have made a career out of it, raised a family and been able to do something that is truly fulfilling to me.

I encourage you to pursue drawing or at least begin to develop a deeper appreciation of art. It just may change your life for the better.

Good luck!


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    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 4 years ago from Texas

      Sue - Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to know how your drawings turn out!

    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      You'll make an artist of me yet!