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How to Draw a Crown

Updated on February 17, 2013

What is a Crown?

Crowns are beautiful head ornaments that were amply used in the medieval ages. Crowns usually had jewels incrusted into them and were very valuable. They were most often used by people who were considered out of the ordinary, such as rulers and kings.

In modern days, crowns are not much in use; however, sometimes people wear crowns during a festival or parties to pretend they are rulers or kings. Used in this way, wearing a crown can be lots of fun. Unlike ancient times, nowadays, a crown can be made of almost anything, including carboard, wood or paper. Throughout this hub, I'm going to show you how to draw a crown in MS Paint, which you can then build on carboard or any other material.

How to Draw the Outlines of a Crown in MS Paint?

To start drawing a crown in MS paint, start by selecting the oval tool and draw an oval in the middle of MS paint's working area; next, draw a horizontal curved line across one quarter of bottom part of the oval.

Oval and Curved Line
Oval and Curved Line | Source

Now, select the heart shape tool and draw three hearts; one small heart with its bottom part over the horizontal curved line; and the other two hearts, one bigger than the other, over the lower part of the oval.

Three Hearts
Three Hearts | Source

Select the fill color tool and choose a color for your crown. In this project I chose a black color, but you can decide on your favorite color for your crown. Fill the outer most parts of the group of hearts with color.

Select the erase tool and get rid of the bottom part of the crown, just below where the horizontal line crosses the crown drawing.The crown should start taking form like the one in the picture below.

Crown | Source

Select the curve line tool and draw four spikes at the base of the crown; draw two spikes on either side of the crown and one central spike, converging with the small heart that is centered in the crown.

Spikes | Source

Select the fill color tool and fill the empty within the spikes. At this stage, the drawing is already taking the real form of a crown. Select the heart shape tool and draw a little heart on top of the crown and fill it with color. It can be the same color I'm using or any other color, provided the crown looks nice and attractive.

Erase all the guidelines that are not going to be necessary from now on.

Crown | Source

How to Draw the Jewels in a Crown with MS Paint?

With the curve line tool selected draw two lines at the very bottom of the crown; With the oval tool, draw small circles in between the two lines, these are going to be the jewels of the crown; select the four star point tool and draw several stars well distributed around the crown. I drew stars on top of the spikes and at the top of the center of each curved shape in the crown.

Jewels | Source

The last stage in this drawing project are the details. In this stage,I chose a blue navy color for the base where the jewels are, and a lighter blue for the rest of the crown. From here on, you can add your personal style to make a more beautiful crown.

The Crown
The Crown | Source


The tools included in MS paint, such as the curve, heart shape, four point star, oval and fill color tools will allow you to draw a crown. A crown can be made more attractive by adding more color and adding more jewels spread around the crown, as well.


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