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How to Draw a Fireplace

Updated on May 24, 2013

Even if You Think You Have Absolutely No Drawing Ability, You Can Learn to Draw This Simple Fireplace

There are a lot of good things about a fireplace. People seem to gravitate towards a fireplace and spend long hours in their glimmering light and warming glow. There must be something deep within people that seems to draw us to this magical place.

I grew up in the midwestern US, in a rather cold part of the country where winter lasted about 8 months - it sure seemed longer than that! In my childhood home, we had a fireplace but it was sealed off when I was very young and replaced with a central heating system. After that, it just wasn't the same gathering folks around the furnace.

After I went away to school, I settled in South Texas. I remember looking for our first home and, because I had missed out on a fireplace as a kid, one of my requirements was a fireplace. In such a hot climate, I was surprised that most of the houses we looked at had a fireplace. Although we only use it a few times each winter, we sure love the whole experience of a fireplace.

So, with that rather boring story about fireplaces behind us, let's move on to learning to draw a fireplace.

If you have a sharp pencil and some paper, let's forge ahead...


Step 1: Draw the Basic Shapes

A fireplace is a good place to start if you have never drawn before.

It's basically a few rectangular shapes and therefore, very easy to draw.

Start by drawing a simple rectangle.


Step 2: Shape Within a Shape

Next, simply draw another, smaller rectangle inside the first rectangle.

Be sure to line up both bottom edges of the rectangles on that single bottom line, as shown.


Step 3: Add Some Bricks

The fireplace in my home is built from bricks so I'm going to draw bricks on mine.

Fireplaces can be made from other things like stones, cement, metal or even seashells.

For this drawing, let's draw bricks. To do this simply think of a lot of small rectangles.

Step 4: Add the Grate

There are other names for this metal apparatus that holds the logs above the bottom of the fireplace - I call it a fireplace grate.

To draw this, just make one long horizontal line just above the bottom edge of the fireplace and add a few slightly angled rectangular shapes for the parts that hold the wood and serve as legs.


Step 5: Add Some Logs

This is sort of like building a fire in the fireplace.

Once you have drawn the grate, it's time to add some logs.

Again, these are simple shapes and lines.

Step 6: Start a Fire!

Simply draw a few lines to indicate flames. Next, add some shading inside the fireplace as shown.

This shading should be darker in the upper corners. Not only will this shading give your drawing some depth, it will also help those flame shapes to stand out.


Final Steps of Your Drawing

Finally, I like to add a bit of light shading to the bricks.

You may also add other things that are typically found around a fireplace.

I like to add the brass holder that keeps the tongs, brush and poker handy.

I'll also add some floor and wall details to give it a bit more interest, as shown.


SO, how does your fireplace drawing look? Remember that learning to draw well takes practice. You may get a bit frustrated at first, but if you keep trying and practice your drawing, you will see a marked improvement in a very short period of time.

If you're interested in getting better, there are some items listed below that you can pick up at to help you.

Good Luck!


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    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Texas

      WW - you are so kind and have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Glad you liked the article.

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 

      7 years ago from United States

      I have to praise the beauty of your fingers. Simply awesome and easy methods to draw.

      Thanks for sharing your talent with such simple steps :)


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