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How to Draw a Praying Mantis

Updated on January 31, 2018
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unvrso likes to do drawings and crafts. Jose Juan Gutierrez has been writing for HubPages since 2009

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis | Source

Things Needed to Draw a Praying Mantis

  • MS Paint
  • Sketch of a praying mantis

The Praying Mantis

Praying mantis belongs to an order of more than 2,000 species of insects. These types of insects live in the temperate and tropical habitats of the world. They are referred as, ¨praying mantis,¨ due to their typical posture which resembles that of a praying insect. A mantis uses the front legs to capture its prey and when it does, it bends its legs, giving the sensation of a praying posture.

The praying mantis has two raptorial legs (front legs), which it uses to grab and hold its prey; the thorax is where the wings and legs are attached to; and the long neck, which prolongs from the thorax, holds the mantis´ head. The eyes have amplified vision, allowing the mantis a stereoscopic vision of 180º. Throughout this hub, I´m going to show you how to draw a praying mantis using MS Paint.

To begin this project, set the sketch of a praying mantis in front of the working table; open MS Paint and put a check mark on the rulers and grid features in MS Paint; select the rectangle tool and draw an 800 by 800 pixels rectangle on MS Paint´s working area; select the pencil tool and draw the mantis´ thorax, like in the picture; draw the prothorax, which is where the head and raptorial legs are going to be located, above the thorax.

Enable the Gird and Rulers in MS Paint

Thorax and Prothorax
Thorax and Prothorax | Source

Types of Drawing

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Now, select the curve line tool and draw the posterior legs; these four legs are going to be situated along the first thoracic segment of the mantis; click and drag on the lines to make them more curved; to make a 90º angle of either leg, set the beginning and end of the line, then, click at the center of that line and drag.

How to Draw the Legs of a Praying Mantis?

Posterior Legs
Posterior Legs | Source

How to Draw the Raptorial Legs of a Praying Mantis?

With the curve line tool, draw the raptorial legs, which are the ones a mantis uses to capture their prey; these are located in the prothorax, below the head. As in the previous set of legs if you need to make them curved just click and drag on the line.

Raporial Legs
Raporial Legs | Source

With the curve line tool still selected, draw the head of the mantis; you can draw the head right next to the prothorax or you can draw a small triangle in MS Paint working area, and then copy and paste the triangle and place it above the prothorax. Select the ellipse tool to draw the eyes; select the curve line tool again and draw the mouth and the two antennas.

How to Draw the Head of a Praying Mantis?

Head | Source

Draw a line along the first thoracic segment of the mantis for the wing; make this line curved as needed by clicking and dragging. At this point, you may want to extend the tips of the mantis´ posterior legs and close any opened lines in the drawing, as well as erase any unneeded lines.

Wing | Source

How to Add Color to A Praying Mantis with MS Paint?

Select the fill color tool and choose a light green color to add color to the mantis; pour this color to the underside of the thorax, prothorax, posterior legs, raptorial legs and the face. Select a darker green color and pour this color on the mantis´ wing and the eyes.

Color | Source
Facts About Praying Mantises
The neck situated on the prothorax enables the mantis to rotate its head to nearly 180º.
Some mantises possess an auditory thoracic organ that allows them to locate bats through echolocation
The female praying mantis usually eats the head of her mate after copulation
Females are usually larger than males and have a bulkier abdomen.
Praying mantis feed on a great number of insects, including crickets, grasshoppers, moths and flies. They also eat other mantis.
Praying mantis generally camouflages according to the environment (plants, grass) where they live.
Mantises are beneficial to farms as they prey on insects, which may have become plagues.

Drawing Software

In the present, there is a great number of software apps for drawing, such as blender 2.6, Sketchbook Pro, Easy Paint Tool and Flash professional to name a few.

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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